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Everyone Has Problems. Simple Solutions Radio is all about Solutions! Paul A Drockton M.A. has been Broadcasting for over a decade. His Experience is Extraordinary. His Intelligence World Renown. He is the Ultimate Life Coach. Real Strategies that work.

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Health & Wellness Solutions!

Dr. Kory Brinkerhoff is a Medical Doctor AND a Naturopath. Get the Best of Both Worlds when you listen in on Tuesdays. He will cover Nutrition, Supplements, Lifestyle and answer your questions!

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Financial, MLM & Business Solutions

MLM Monday is all about building your Network Marketing Company with the Diamond Makers! Wednesday is Making Money Online through Wordpress with Georgina Lewis. Thursday is Financial and Personal Coaching! Happiness through Following Correct Principals!

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Utah Proposition 2, Changes and Conflicts of Interest

Order the Most Powerful non-THC Blend on the Planet! Proposition 2 Was Approved by Utah Voters The fact remains that Utah Voters supported the Medical Marijuana Initiative as Written by a vote of 52.75% to 47.25%. Here is the the Voter Initiative Summary: “Proposition 2 was designed to legalize medical marijuana for individuals with qualifying…

Rain International Adds Racketeering to Fraud Charges

Byron Belka- Rain International CEO Casey Whittaker- Alleged Co-Conspirator When Your Company has been exposed for selling Sugar Water as a Nutritional Supplement, that’s Fraud. When you resort to blackmail, threats and bribery to Cover up the fact that you are committing criminal fraud that’s Racketeering in Corrupt Practices… Grapes contains up to 300 mg…

Rain International Product Fraud & Expired Product Sales Hurts Nigerian/US Relations

Byron Belka: CEO of Rain International Casey Whitaker-Owner-VP Operations After the Release of Rain Soul’s Product Assay (Chemical Analysis) revealed that Rain Soul is nothing more than Sugar Water with food coloring, Company Distributors and Management were in damage control mode. Black Friday is supposed to be a Record Day for Online Retailers. The company…

Utah MLM, Rain International, Facing Criminal Fraud Charges?

Scientific Lab Tests Show Rain Soul Claims Are Fraudulant? Byron Belka- Rain Intl. CEO Rain Soul Manufacturer Casey Whitaker- Rain VP A former Rain International Distributor has come forward with the above Lab Test that appears to confirm his claims of product fraud.  According to the anonymous source who verified the above analysis performed by…