Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

The List of Vaccine Manufacturers and Their Contracts With US Govt.

  • Pfizer & BioNtech: $1.95 Billion for 100 Million Doses of Covid Vaccine
  • Novavax: $1.6 Billion for 100 million Doses of Their Covid Vaccine
  • AstraZenica: $1.2 Billion for Vaccine Development
  • Emergent Biosolutions: $628 Million: Expansion of Manufacturing for Covid Vaccine & Drugs
  • Moderna: $486 Million for Vaccine Development
  • Johnson and Johnson: $456 Million for Vaccine Development

That's $6.2 Billion on an Obsolete Virus

If Viruses lasted forever, we wouldn't be sold a different Flu Shot every 12 months. Covid 19 is just one strain of that virus, and its already circled the earth countless times. The probability that you have not been infected, and developed immunity already, is slim to none. 99% of those that get it, recover. Antibodies are replaced with memory cells in the body, in case the virus returns. Its called "Immunity", and forms the basis for vaccines in the first place. 

Spanish Flu killed 50 Million Worldwide. Covid killed 617,000

Until recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated the annual mortality burden of influenza to be 250 000 to 500 000 all-cause deaths globally; however, a 2017 study indicated a substantially higher mortality burden, at 290 000-650 000 influenza-associated deaths from respiratory causes alone, and a 2019 study estimated 99 000-200 000 deaths from lower respiratory tract infections directly caused by influenza.  

Mandatory Vaccines Come Next

Just as Retailers that sell predominantly Communist Chinese made Goods now are mandating a mask (for your safety), next comes the mandatory Vaccination and Records (For Your Safety). In reality, there is no real protection against the other biological weapons that have been and are being created. At least, not for you. Those vaccines are for the people the Global Chinese Government views as "Essential". In other words, not you.

They've Already Killed 100 Million People....


Germs, Starvation and Riots

Germs are the cheapest form of Genocide. Disruption of the food chain will be the natural result of a "Real" Pandemic. Think about the Supply Chain. In 1918, more than half of Americans lived on family farms. Today its around 2%. In other words, we are depending on the ability to get food from the source to our local grocery store. This relies on Shipping, Ground Transportation and Logistics. One thing Covid taught us is that its a fragile system. No food and riots are the result. Its "hands off" genocide for our Communist Overlords.

Lockdowns and Chinese Communist Retail Outlets

top 5 grocers
While over 31% of small businesses were shut down by their local and state governments, Walmart, Costco  and Amazon were permitted to continue business as usual. All three are major resellers of Chinese Communist Imports. It is estimated that 80% of what Walmart sells comes from Communist China. Consolidation through Covid has made us even more dependent on the Communist Chinese supply line. Its never a good idea to let to let your enemies control your country's food supply.
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