Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Alliance for a Better Utah
Josh Kantor

Josh Kanter- Head of Alliance for a Better Utah

Joel Kantor
Prescient Medical, Inc.

Joel Kanter- Josh's Brother

A pair of brothers have steered millions from their father’s foundation to political organizations backed by liberal billionaire George Soros. Joel and Josh Kanter have used their father’s real estate fortune to inject life into some of the left’s most important special interest groups. The brothers are also members of the secretive Democracy Alliance, a group of wealthy liberals that pumps tens of millions of dollars into Democratic Super PACs and White House-friendly nonprofit organizations such as the Center for American Progress and Media Matters. The pair serves as top executives at the Kanter Family Foundation, an $8 million charity focused on imposing liberal healthcare reforms on the nation. Since 2006, the fund has provided lucrative grants to Soros-backed start-up groups that have more to do with politics than hospitals.

Josh Kantor is the Chair Over Alliance for a Better Utah

So what is a Soros Donor and Extreme Socialist Lawyer doing in Utah?  Especially one that hails from Obama's home City of Chicago? Clearly his political objectives are aligned with fellow Socialists Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman. Their objective is to retake the White House for the Clinton-Obama-Biden Criminal Organization in the Fall.  Follow the Money.... Lets Start with Josh's Federal Campaign Contributions
  • $5,000.00 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte (D)
  • $1,000.00 Kerry, John (D)
  • $1,500.00 Schumer, Charles E (D)
  • 08-17-2007 $1,800.00 Obama, Barack (D)
  • 11-07-2007 $1,300.00 Clinton, Hillary (D)
  • 09-23-2008 $5,000.00 Democratic Cmte of Utah (D)

Alliance for a Better Utah Gave $19,600 to Utahns For Responsible Govt.

Utahns for Responsive Government is Behind the Movement to Further Reduce Conservative Influence in Utah by Redrawing Legislative and Congressional Districts to Favor Socialists. 

This is Why They Want to Torpedo Katie Witt for US Congress:

Katie Witt Kaysville Utah Mayor

Katie Witt is a TRUE Conservative That Hates Socialism

  • Defend life, religious liberty, freedom of speech, economic freedom, the right to keep and bear arms, and ALL of our Constitutional Rights.
  • Stop the crushing debt that we’re piling onto our children and owe to foreign governments. It threatens our children’s future and our sovereignty
  • Fix our broken borders and implement a merit-based immigration system. The solution is simple, but it takes grit.
  • Socialism is on the rise and we need strong voices to stand up to the radical “Squad” in Washington. I will stand for the values that made America Strong, like Capitalism and our Constitutional Rights.
  • Venezuela and Hong Kong are recent examples that Socialism and Communism don’t work. America is the greatest country on the face of the Earth and we need leaders who aren’t afraid to say how blessed we really are. 
Support Katie Witt for Congress
Time for action
Katie Witt Scares Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman and Spencer Cox because she stands in the way of their attempt to convert Utah to Socialism. She Needs Your Support!
Visit Katie Witt For Congress

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