Utah Republicans Need to Vote Out the Buckshot Caucus

Utah Republicans Need to Vote Out the Buckshot Caucus

Utah Republicans need to vote out the Organization that has subverted their Republican Caucus System and used Covid 19 fear mongering to destroy Utah’s Middle Class and empower Chinese Manufacturers.

Utah Gold and Silver Dealers

These are the men and women who are Destroying the Great State of Utah

Spencer Cox
Deidre Henderson

DEIDRE HENDERSON: Major Contributions in Utah Senate was Destroying Republican Caucus System, Destroying Utah Economy over 65 Flu Deaths and Municpal Golf Cart Reform.

Curt Bramble
Dan McCay

The Utah Caucus System vs "Count My Vote"

Caucus System Explained
SB54 Explained

Buckshot Caucus Supporters That Passed "Count My Vote"

Count My Vote House Supporters

The Above List includes ALL Those in the Utah House of Representatives That Killed the Republican Caucus.

Count My Vote Senate Supporters

The Above List is All The Utah State Senators That Destroyed Your Republican Caucus System

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