Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Capital Hill Autonomous Zone

No Amount of Free Stuff Will Stop the Violence

If there was a way to satiate greed then Bill Gates would have stopped at his first million dollars and we wouldn't have wars. Jealousy, another basic human emotion, prevents the most base among us from enjoying the things that they have because someone else happens to have more. Both of these human flaws are what drives the current Socialist Uprising. Greed and Jealousy. Unfortunately, their controllers are the epitome of both. Billionaire Socialists that use brainwashed youth to bring about the Social Change that will increase their wealth and power. 

Socialism is Just Another Way to Steal Your Stuff

Free Market
Good Government Exists to Protect the Small Business Owner from the Greedy Monopoly trying to consume his livelihood. A Free Market Guarantees the lowest cost and highest quality of goods. Socialism is nothing more than a Government Front for the International Monopolies that want to own the marketplace. When they win, everyone else loses.
- Paul A Drockton M.A.

The Fascists Were Actually Socialists

The term anti-Fascist or antifa is actually a contradiction. Antifa is against Fascism, but the Nazis were actually Socialists. In fact Nazi translates into National-Socialist German Workers' Party.  It was the Nazis that gave the German People Free Healthcare, Free Retirement and every other Socialist Program you see today. They burned down the Reichstag and blamed it on the Communists because they were rivals. Both Nazis and Communists bribed the people with free handouts. Of course, once they had absolute control of the system, the facade was removed and the mass murderers revealed.

Monopolies Love Socialism Because it Increases Profits

Behind every Socialist Dictator are the Monopolies and the wanna be Monopolies. Through Socialist Regimes, Monopolies can charge exhorbitant fees for their goods and services since it is illegal to compete against the Socialist Regime. Both Dictator and Monopolist Prosper at the expense of everyone else. This is why so many countries are in Poverty after embracing the "Free Promises" of Socialism.

But Higher Profits Demand a War against the Non-Productive

Both the Nazis and their brethren, the Communists, wage war against the non-productive members of Society to reduce costs and increase profits. This means extermination for the Elderly, Mentally Ill, Drug Addicted, Physically Handicapped, Blind, Deaf, Lame and Mentally Challenged. If the weak are culled than Profits go up for the Dictators and the Monopolies Behind Them. Under Socialism, Communism and Naziism, your value is only determined by what you produce for your Masters.

This is Why the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone Will Fail

It is our Public Universities that are turning out these skinny jean Socialists. And it is the billionaire monopolists funding there so-called Revolution. But, such movements only attract the non-productive elements of Society  that only want a hand-out. The Looters were thieves stealing from small business men and women in their communities.  Once the Productive Citizens are gone, all that are left are the Parasites and those that have a taste for more free stuff. Ultimately, they turn on each other and steal from each other. Until the only thing that remains is another failed Socialist Experiment. Without a Host, the Parasite always dies.
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By pdrockton

Paul A Drockton M.A. has been an Investigative Journalist for Over 15 Years! He has written thousands of articles and hosted the Drockton Report, with over 1.3 million listeners. His background includes a Masters Degree in US History & Economics, Republican Party Leader, Republican Party Candidate, Republican Candidate Campaign Manager and Author of the Parma City Charter. He is known for his honesty and integrity in reporting and his ability to drill down to the truth regardless of position or influence of the subjects of his investigations.

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