Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Provo Protest Shooting

John Sullivan, from Virginia Organized the Riot in Provo

John Sullivan Insurgence

Now It Appears Provo Mayor Kaufusi is Letting Him Riot Again

Provo Mayor Kaufusi

Sullivan's Provo "Takeover" is Planned for July 31st

next Riot2

Why Won't Kaufusi Let Police Arrest Him?

For the rest of us, if you organize an event you are responsible for the actions of those who participate. To protect Citizens from Communist Psychopaths, event organizers are required to get a Permit from the City. No one has a problem with a Peaceful Protest. But, that isn't what Sullivan gave Provo when an innocent citizen was mobbed in Riot Fashion while legally trying to drive home on a Public Thoroughfare. Sullivan's Team blocked the car and the man was shot at point blank range.

All of this could have been avoided if the Mayor had permitted the Police to do their job and Arrest Sullivan and those that were causing problems.. Sullivan returned to Provo for another planned Riot. This time he was met by Police and Legally Armed Citizens that wanted to Protect their Community from further violence. The show of force worked. But, again, Sullivan, who was responsible for the previous violence as that event's organizer, was permitted to leave the city without being arrested. 

So Now Sullivan is Ramping Things Up by Bringing in Armed Outsiders

Riots Planned with Violence2

And is Still Walking Around a Free Man

Unlike the Riot Leader that was arrested in Salt Lake City for not following Police Orders. He tried to interfere with a Traffic Stop and was told to get off the Street, since he was blocking traffic. He refused, he was arrested, and his fellow Rioters broke it up and went home.

There is No Peace When We Let Communist Politicians Rule

Communists thrive on conflict. They create the injustices and invite retaliation. Then their Media Allies only report the retaliation while ignoring the provocation. Just like the Provo Shooting that occurred during John Sullivan's recent riot. The Utah Media interviewed him as if he were some kind of Savior, in Utah to liberate the 1% black population from Institutional Racism. Which he heard about in Virginia. 

Utah Politicians like Kaufusi, Mendenhall, Romney and Huntsman... 

Both Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman helped build the Communist Chinese Empire. Through their so-called Free-Trade Agreements and war on Chinese Tariffs, they gave China access to American Consumers. Now that money has been used to build a Global Communist Empire. Utah is one of the last holdouts. Which is why people like Sullivan are permitted to go about their work of destruction without being arrested.

Sullivan is a Protected Communist, Exempt from Utah Laws

Utah is just beginning to wake up to their Leaders' real agenda. It has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with Global Slavery. Ironic, since these Marxists claim to want retribution for the last American Slaves.

Chinese Communism is Sweeping the Globe.

Chinese Influence

Just Like Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman Planned.....

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