Sun. Nov 28th, 2021
Spencer Cox
Herbert Directive

Herbert only started to back down after the Utah Voice Exposes on his Limits of Power. And Only after Economy was Destroyed by Cox and his Covid Task Force.

Spencer Cox Over Covid Task Force

The Current Gaslighting Campaign wants you to Think Cox was not over Closing the Utah Economy as Head of the Corona Virus Task Force

Fact vs. Fiction: Antibodies and Memory Cells

The Body Produces Memory Cells in the Immune System after a Viral Infection. These cells remain in the body for years and are ready to attack when the same infection returns. The fact is, this is the whole basis for Vaccinations. The idea is to introduce a dead or disabled virus into the body. The Immune System first creates anti-bodies to destroy the infection. Then it creates memory cells to easily recreate those exact anti-bodies should the same virus return.
Memory Cells

Can You Be Reinfected with the same Virus?

If the body fails to make antibodies and memory cells you would already be dead. Since you are not dead, you can assume your immune system has not only made Covid 19 antibodies if you have been exposed to the virus. All vaccinations work on this same principle. So if you can get reinfected, your body is memory cell deficient. This is an extremely remote possibility and extremely unlikely.

So What Good is an Antibody Test?

Lets forget about the difficulty in identifying memory cells in the body for a specific virus and move on to the unlikely pretense that antibody tests are accurate. If you have the active antibody in your body you might still be fighting the infection. If you are healthy and symptom free you have either defeated the infection, or you have recently  declared victory.  Of course, none of this really matters because there is no known treatment for Covid. But, be of good cheer. Utah Mortality average is 73 years old with serious other health conditions. Your body is constantly exposed to new bacteria and viruses. Yet, here you are. Still able to read.

Should I get the Immunization when it Comes Out?

If you already had the virus, your body already has the memory cells. All a vaccination will do is trigger a response from your body for a virus it has already defeated. It will not give you any added protection unless you have never been exposed to Covid. More Importantly, Viruses mutate . This is why there is a new flu vaccine every year. So... getting a Covid vaccine might be like trying to return to your old high school. You might get in. But nobody really needs or wants you there.

What About Masks and Social Distancing?

Put a bumper sticker on your car instead that says, "Fight Covid 19!" you get the same results and about the same likelihood of catching a virus. Masks are a sign of submission to a Tyrannical Government. God gave us Immune Systems to fight Viruses. He gave us Brains to fight Tyranny. Give them an inch and you will soon be giving them everything else.

Never in the History of the World Have People Given Up So Much for So Little. If you are old and/or Compromised Stay Safe and Stay Home. If not, just admit you were played and get back to your normal life.

2 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Corona Cox and His Fear Campaigns”
  1. How do we fight these corrupt politicians? How do we get them out of their position? I believe Cox is involved in election fraud. I believe he’s overstepping his power. How do I do something? I sent in my petition for the health department and governor against masks. I don’t think Cox should be overseeing votes. Please if you can direct me in some way?

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