Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
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Spencer Cox "Stay-Safe, Stay Home" Message With Every Ballot

Ballot Message included with Utah Ballot

Included in Every Envelope with Every Mail in Ballot

Numbers Don't Justify Cox's Covid Response

  • 158 TOTAL Utah Deaths
  • Average age at Death was 73 years Old
  • 90% had serious Health Issues Already
  • 50% Were Already in a Nursing Home

Mail in Ballots Are Proven Way to Steal an Election.

  • Spencer Cox is the Lt. Governor and Chief Utah Elections Officer
  • They have already Sent Out Thousands of Republican Ballots to Registered Democrats to Vote With in the Republican Primary.
  • Cox, Romney and Huntsman Pushed to Destroy the Republican Caucus with "Count My Vote
  • Utah is Following the Lead of Other Democrat States with Shutdowns, Riots and Mail-In Ballots

Walmart, Costco and Amazon Stole Your Customers During Lockdown

  • All 3 Already sell a Majority of Chinese Communist Made Goods on Their Shelves
  • Cox Labelled Their Business as Essential. Yours was not.
  • Walmart and Costco were IMMUNE from Utah Rioters. Your Business was not
Covid Kills Businesses Too

Salt Lake Business Goes Under Thanks to Spencer Cox

Forget Jon Huntsman. He Sold Utah Jobs to China and Mexico

Hillary Clinton and Jon Huntsman

Utah Gives away $4 Billion Dollars from Its Economy To China and Mexico


He has done Nothing to Help Utah Small Businesses.

75% of Utah Republicans Voted for Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Greg Hughes

Which is Why Greg Huighes is Winning Among Real Republicans

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