Demand the Arrest of Utah Communist Riot Leaders:

Demand the Arrest of Utah Communist Riot Leaders:

We will continue to expose the Organizers and Leaders of the Utah Riots. Please sign Petition to have them arrested and prosecuted.

Provo, Utah Demographics

  • Population 116,702    

  • Total Black Population: 714 

  • Percentage of Provo People That Are Black:  6/10 of 1%

About Insurgence USA: (Insurgence Means Violent Revolt)

  • John Sullivan Promotes Himself as the Founder of Insurgence USA. 

  • John is from Virginia and came to Utah in 2018.

  • John Came from Salt Lake City to Lead Protestors in Provo. 

  • John Published His Employer as Proofpoint Out of Sunnyvale, California. Contact is (408) 517-4710  

  • Feel Free To Contact Proofpoint and Share This Article

Does This Look Like a Peaceful Protest? Or Rioters Attacking a Victim?

Video Shows Rioter Shoot Innocent Bystander

Provo Disturbing the Peace

Provo Law Prohibits This Kind of Violence

John Sullivan and His Group "Insurgence" Came Back for More

2nd Riot

Hoping That Mayor Kaufusi Would Again Let Them Riot and Commit Violence, They were met by the Provo Police and Armed Citizens Instead.

Provo Mayor Kaufusi


If Kaufusi Had Not Ordered the Police Stand-down, all of this violence could have been averted. 

Provo Shooting2

Utah Law is Clear. BOTH John Sullivan AND Kaufusi Should Be Arrested and Prosecuted

Riot Law

The Law Applies to ALL of Us or It Applies to NONE of us!

Your Request Will Be Emailed to SLC and Utah County Sheriffs Department

Demand for Provo Riot Leader to Be Arrested and Prosecuted

To Salt Lake City and Utah County Sheriffs Department

We the Undersigned Demand that you arrest the Leaders of the Salt Lake and Utah County Rioters according to URC

Title 76 Utah Criminal Code
Chapter 9 Offenses Against Public Order and Decency
Part 1 Breaches of the Peace and Related Offenses
Section 101 Riot -- Penalties.

76-9-101. Riot -- Penalties.
(1) A person is guilty of riot if:
(a) simultaneously with two or more other persons he engages in tumultuous or violent conduct and thereby knowingly or recklessly creates a substantial risk of causing public alarm; or
(b) he assembles with two or more other persons with the purpose of engaging, soon thereafter, in tumultuous or violent conduct, knowing, that two or more other persons in the assembly have the same purpose; or
(c) he assembles with two or more other persons with the purpose of committing an offense against a person or property of another who he supposes to be guilty of a violation of law, believing that two or more other persons in the assembly have the same purpose.
(2) Any person who refuses to comply with a lawful order to withdraw given to him immediately prior to, during, or immediately following a violation of Subsection (1) is guilty of riot. It is no defense to a prosecution under this Subsection (2) that withdrawal must take place over private property; provided, however, that no persons so withdrawing shall incur criminal or civil liability by virtue of acts reasonably necessary to accomplish the withdrawal.
(3) Riot is a felony of the third degree if, in the course of and as a result of the conduct, any person suffers bodily injury, or substantial property damage, arson occurs or the defendant was armed with a dangerous weapon, as defined in Section 76-1-601; otherwise it is a class B misdemeanor.

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3 thoughts on “Demand the Arrest of Utah Communist Riot Leaders:

  1. How can we continue to let these rioters take over our cities??? Nothing good can come from the police being told to stand down and let innocent people be hurt. Please stand up for the citizens of Utah, we will back you we will support you. We can not let this destroy our beautiful cities and life we enjoy here in Utah. God Bless our Cops and God bless the USA…πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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