Democrat State Covid Deaths Don’t Add Up.

Democrat State Covid Deaths Don’t Add Up.

Based on the Law of Large Numbers, it looks like Socialist Run States are Fudging Their Numbers. The question is why?

Deaths Per 100,000 Should Be the Same per State

  • New York City: 274 Covid Deaths per 100,000 - DEMOCRAT
  • Texas: 8.3 Deaths Per 100,000 - REPUBLICAN
  • Illinois: 55.6 Deaths Per 100,000 - DEMOCRAT
  • Oklahoma: 10.2 Deaths Per 100,000 REPUBLICAN

Its Not About Age Demographics....

  • New York: Median Age- 38.7
  • Texas: 34.4
  • Illinois: 37.9
  • Oklahoma: 36.4

Or Race

  • New York: 55% White, 14% Black, 19% Hispanic
  • Texas: 41% White, 12% Black, 40% Hispanic
  • Illinois: 61% White, 14% Black, 17% Hispanic
  • Oklahoma: 65% White, 7% Black, 11% Hispanic

Its About Forcing You to Vote by Mail

States with Mail in Voting
  • Utah is one of only 4 States That Forces Everyone to Vote By Mail (Yellow)
  • Green States Give You the Option to Ask for a Ballot by Mail without an Excuse. 
  • Grey States Require an Excuse to Vote by Mail.
  • All FOUR Mandatory Mail In States Are Run By Socialists (Including Utah)
Ballot Message included with Utah Ballot

Spencer Cox Sent This Notice Out With Every Ballot

Mail-In Voting Carries a Much Higher Risk of Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud

As You Can See, Voter Fraud is Much Easier Without a Personal Appearance at the Polls

Which is Why You Should Vote Conservative

Real Conservative

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