Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
States with Mail in Voting

Deaths Per 100,000 Should Be the Same per State

  • New York City: 274 Covid Deaths per 100,000 - DEMOCRAT
  • Texas: 8.3 Deaths Per 100,000 - REPUBLICAN
  • Illinois: 55.6 Deaths Per 100,000 - DEMOCRAT
  • Oklahoma: 10.2 Deaths Per 100,000 REPUBLICAN

Its Not About Age Demographics....

  • New York: Median Age- 38.7
  • Texas: 34.4
  • Illinois: 37.9
  • Oklahoma: 36.4

Or Race

  • New York: 55% White, 14% Black, 19% Hispanic
  • Texas: 41% White, 12% Black, 40% Hispanic
  • Illinois: 61% White, 14% Black, 17% Hispanic
  • Oklahoma: 65% White, 7% Black, 11% Hispanic

Its About Forcing You to Vote by Mail

States with Mail in Voting
  • Utah is one of only 4 States That Forces Everyone to Vote By Mail (Yellow)
  • Green States Give You the Option to Ask for a Ballot by Mail without an Excuse. 
  • Grey States Require an Excuse to Vote by Mail.
  • All FOUR Mandatory Mail In States Are Run By Socialists (Including Utah)
Ballot Message included with Utah Ballot

Spencer Cox Sent This Notice Out With Every Ballot

Mail-In Voting Carries a Much Higher Risk of Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud

As You Can See, Voter Fraud is Much Easier Without a Personal Appearance at the Polls

Which is Why You Should Vote Conservative

Real Conservative

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