Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Elder Nelson Gets Covid Vaccine

Utah has been the Strictest Republican State with Lockdowns

Few would argue that Utah has been one of the strictest enforcement states when it comes to Covid. Gary Herbert and Governor Cox have followed the playbook to the letter. The result has been the destruction of families, businesses and lives. Victims want to know who made money off of their misery. The answer will surprise you.

$100 Billion Mormon Church Slush Fund Exposed


When an inside whistleblower exposed the extensive holdings of the LDS Church via Ensign Peak Advisors, the Church issued the following statement:

In remarks last year, a high-ranking cleric in the church, Bishop Gérald Caussé, said it “pays taxes on any income it derives from revenue-producing activities that are regularly carried on and are not substantially related to its tax-exempt purposes.”

"The church typically collects about $7 billion each year in contributions from members, according to the complaint. Mormons, like members of some other faith groups, are asked to contribute 10 percent of their income to the church, a practice known as tithing.

While about $6 billion of that income is used to cover annual operating costs, the remaining $1 billion or so is transferred to Ensign, which plows some into an investment portfolio to generate returns, according to the complaint. Based on internal accounting documents from February 2018, the complaint estimates the portfolio has grown in value from $12 billion in 1997, when Ensign was formed, to about $100 billion today." (Washington Post)

Is the Mormon Church Behind Utah Covid Misery? Or Just Profiting From It?

Mitt Romney

Utah hasn't been the Same since Mitt Romney

While Utah continues to move towards the goals of International Communism, the Church stands idly by while the citizens of the State suffer the loss of freedoms, businesses and their Constitutional Rights. In the past, Conservative Mormons attributed this to a Separation of Church vs State. However, Ensign Peaks Investments raise the question of why does the Church appear to a fortune from the Covid scam while its people continue to suffer? Below are a few examples:

Covid Vaccine Manufacturer Johnson and Johnson

  • Mormon Church Owns $530,704,000 in Johnson and Johnson Stock (SEC.Gov)
  • Church Owns 3,372,121 Voting Shares in the Company
  • While it is unknown which Board or Board Members of J&J represent Mormon Inc., Mary C Bekerle from the Jon Huntsman Cancer Institute is one of 14 Board Members (Including the Chairman). She is the only Utahn on the J&J Board 
  • Johnson and Johnson Shares have gained an estimated $35.71 since 10-18-19
  • If the Mormon Church acquired J&J on or before 10-18-19 they would have made $118,024,235

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2 thoughts on “Does the Mormon Church Financially Benefit from Covid and the Vax?”
  1. When I look at the announced Church policy on abortion, the comment that Sharon Eubank made about stem cells, if they come from aborted babies, being approved for use in vaccines, seems outrageous and should not be considered an official Church position. Sharon, no doubt, is constantly trying to build bridges between her Church and other churches and organizations with the humanitarian work she is involved with. That would probably help fuel her positive comments about the Pope. Our Prophet, Pres. Nelson has urged members of the Church to follow the Spirit and make up their own minds about vaccines. Following the Spirit is much more important than following the example of some Church leaders, who feel comfortable taking the vaccines. There is huge evidence that the vaccines may be very dangerous and that they have already killed thousands.

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