Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Greg Hughes

Utah Voice Notified Today

As our Readers already know, the Utah Voice went "all in" to get Greg Hughes elected as the Republican Governor of Utah. The only legitimate Conservative in Utah, Hughes would have easily defeated his rivals in a fair fight. However, it wasn't a fair fight. 

Hughes would Have Faced Cox Head to Head Under the Caucus....

Before Romney, Cox and Herbert destroyed the Caucus system with their "Open Republican Primaries", Only the two candidates that were endorsed at Convention would have a place on the Republican Primary Ballot. That would have been Greg Hughes and Spencer Cox. Hughes would have won handily with the 72% of Republicans that supported Donald Trump.

An Estimated 113,000 Democrats Voted in the Republican Primary

The Unofficial Leader of the Utah Democratic Party was successful in recruiting Extreme Liberals to Register Republican and vote against Greg Hughes in the Open Republican Primary. This would not have happened under the Caucus system and Closed Republican Primary.

Thomas Wright Would Have not Been an Option Under the Caucus

Thomas Wright was eliminated at the Republican Convention. He would not have been an option, or on the ballot under the old Republican Caucus System.

Huntsman would have also been Disqualified at Convention

As previously stated, Huntsman would have never been on the ballot under the Old Caucus System. He would have been disqualified at Convention. Running as a Conservative Republican, Huntsman also stole Greg Hughes election victory.

Cox, Huntsman and Wright Cheated Utah Conservatives

The fact remains, Utah Conservatives do not want Spencer Cox as their Governor. He is viewed as a staunch Never-Trumper in a state that Donald Trump won handily in 2016, in-spite of Mitt Romney's Evan McMullin scam campaign. 

We are all Disappointed, but we wish Greg Hughes the Best

With the Official Announcement, Greg Hughes is done campaigning for the Utah Governor's job. His love for the people of Utah, and his iron-clad character make him a force to be reckoned with. Even if it is not on the November Ballot. We all wish him the best.
Donald Trump and Greg Hughes
3 thoughts on “Greg Hughes Out as Write-in Candidate for Utah Governor”
  1. It breaks my heart that the proven and ethical caucus endorsed by true patriots was destroyed by those seeking to bypass traditional safeguards.

  2. That is very sad, as we needed him to run. Are there any other true Republican Candidates that could come close to Greg Hughes willing to be a write in?

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