Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Donald Trump and Greg Hughes

Right Now its Democrat Socialist vs Liberal Republican Socialist

Chris Peterson
Cox Tariffs Large

Spencer Cox Was Rejected by 63.6% of Registered Republicans

2020 Republican Primary Results for Utah

A Reported 113,000 Liberal Democrats Registered Republican Just to Defeat Greg Hughes. Take those out of the Equation and Here Are the Actual Results:

  • Liberal Spencer Cox ends up with 128,604 votes
  • Conservative Greg Hughes Keeps his 107,182 votes
  • Liberal Jon Huntsman gets 119,470

Now Lets Take Out Faux Conservative Wright From the Equation

Winner of 2020 Utah Primary Without Wright

This is a Presidential Voting Year. Lets Look at 2016

2016 Results

With Faux Conservative Mullins Out, Trump Wins with 72.22%

Donald Trump and Greg Hughes

Greg Hughes will EASILY Win as a Write-In in November!

One thought on “Greg Hughes Could Easily Win as a Write-In Candidate”
  1. I new this is the case. I hope Greg Hughes is aware of this and still considers getting the position. Please let us know if he does so we can start pushing his signature. Thanks!!!

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