Greg Hughes Could Easily Win as a Write-In Candidate

Greg Hughes Could Easily Win as a Write-In Candidate

This is a Trump State. And Greg Hughes is the Trump Candidate

Utah Gold and Silver Dealers

Right Now its Democrat Socialist vs Liberal Republican Socialist

Chris Peterson
Cox Tariffs Large

Spencer Cox Was Rejected by 63.6% of Registered Republicans

2020 Republican Primary Results for Utah

A Reported 113,000 Liberal Democrats Registered Republican Just to Defeat Greg Hughes. Take those out of the Equation and Here Are the Actual Results:

  • Liberal Spencer Cox ends up with 128,604 votes
  • Conservative Greg Hughes Keeps his 107,182 votes
  • Liberal Jon Huntsman gets 119,470

Now Lets Take Out Faux Conservative Wright From the Equation

Winner of 2020 Utah Primary Without Wright

This is a Presidential Voting Year. Lets Look at 2016

2016 Results

With Faux Conservative Mullins Out, Trump Wins with 72.22%

Donald Trump and Greg Hughes

Greg Hughes will EASILY Win as a Write-In in November!

One thought on “Greg Hughes Could Easily Win as a Write-In Candidate

  1. I new this is the case. I hope Greg Hughes is aware of this and still considers getting the position. Please let us know if he does so we can start pushing his signature. Thanks!!!

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