Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Utah Constitution

Governor Cannot Give Power to Mendenhall or Wilson He Doesn't Have

Erin Mendenhall

Salt Lake City Mayor: Erin Mendenhall

Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson

Salt Lake County Mayor: Jenny Wilson

Both Asked for Authority from Governor to Mandate Masks

Mendenhall Requests Executive Order
Jenny Wilson Request for Executive Order

Salt Lake County Has Only 106 Covid Deaths. Population 1.1 Million

  • In the 2017-18 Season Salt Lake County had OVER 300+ Flu Deaths
  • Covid Deaths average 73 Years old.
  • 90% of Covid Deaths Have Serious Health Issues as Well. 50% are already in a Nursing Home.
  • Masks for the General Public Do Not Stop Virus From Spreading.

Governor Has No Executive Order Authority Under Utah Constitution

Governor Powers

Governor can only Enforce Laws. Not Write Them.

Our Utah Constitutional Rights ARE the Highest Law

Our Rights Come First in Utah
  • The Right to Worship Freely. Without Government Restrictions
  • The Right to Assemble Peacably and Go About Our Business without Government Restrictions
  • The Right to Run Our Lawful Businesses Without Government Restrictions
  • The Right to Enjoy Our Full Freedom of Movement Without Govt. Restrictions
  • The Right to Decide if Something is a Health Risk or a Power Grab and Act Accordingly.

We Have a Moral Obligation to Oppose Restrictions on Our Freedoms

Blessed be the memory
One thought on “Herbert Can’t Give Mayors Power He Doesn’t Have”
  1. I would like the governor to show me proof that masks stop the spread of coronavirus show me testing that has been done. I believe this mask mandate is illegal and against my constitutional rights!! I would like to find a group in Utah fighting the mask mandate!

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