Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Mitt Romney

Hinckley Institute Just Another Mitt Romney Mouthpiece

Presenting Itself as a Casual Observer in Utah Politics, the HInckley Institute, like the Deseret News and Utah Policy, is nothing more than another way for Mitt Romney to Forward his Global Socialist Agenda.  

Completely Discredited Pre-Convention Poll Shows Agenda


Greg Hughes Actually Won Republican Nomination!

The questions a Pollster asks are not as important as the audience he asks it to. The above Poll obviously targeted the wrong audience. Which is why it failed to measure the real mood of the Utah Republican Party. This is an old Political trick designed to control public opinion. Not measure it. It also shows that both the Hinckley Institute and the Deseret News are under the full control of Mitt Romney and his Utah Rommunist Party.The goal is to continue looting the people of Utah until they are completely reduced to Slave Status.

Just Look at Who Runs the Hinckley Institute!

Jason P. Perry

Jason Perry is a Pure Rommunist Political Hack ... Jason served as the Chief of Staff to Governor Gary Herbert, and was the Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development under Jon Huntsman. Jason also worked in the Attorney General’s office and was an intern and later, a staff member to Senator Orrin Hatch.

Look at his Campaign Donations

Hinckley Institute is Just Another Liberal Globalist Shell

The Hinckley Institute runs one of the most comprehensive and prestigious global internship programs at the University of Utah.

Global internships are available for undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines in more than 50 countries. 

Scholarships and financial aid are available for all semesters. 

The goal of the global internship program is to provide students with full-time, global work, cultural immersion, and career development opportunities.

The Hinckley Institute sends students to various nonprofits, businesses, governments, think tanks, and NGOs across the globe.

That Works with Radical Global Socialism

One example is the Andrew Goodman Foundation, which masquerades as a Voter Registration Group. In actuality they vocally support the Global Socialist Agenda. In the quote below they appear to admit to encouraging voter fraud for out of state students- that can vote absentee in their home states. Since College students are trained to vote Socialist, this gives the Democrats and Rommunists additional votes from people that have no vested interests in the State where they attend school
THE PROBLEM: Proof of residency requirements vary state to state. In order to register to vote locally, students must sometimes prove they reside on campus. This is problematic since most schools don’t voluntarily issue any proof of residency documents to their students. Those that do may not meet their state’s proof of residency requirements. OUR SOLUTION: Our Andrew Goodman Ambassadors have identified proof of residency as a substantial voting barrier. By working with their school administrations, they are brainstorming ways to issue proof of residency documents compliant with local voting regulations. Andrew Goodman Ambassador MacKenzie Bills led a successful effort to resolve this issue at Simpson College. Thanks to her work all students are now automatically issued a formal lease agreement every year. MacKenzie made voting easier for 1,900 Simpson undergraduates.
In another example they appear to support creating  fraudulent addresses for Absentee Voting Ballots. Under the guise that these services are unavailable or unaffordable to College Students.
THE PROBLEM: Absentee ballots aren’t commonly discussed therefore, first time voters are often unfamiliar with how to use them. Due to their sensitive nature, they also require a mailbox in order to be delivered, which for many students means an added cost. OUR SOLUTION: Our Andrew Goodman Ambassadors have identified absentee ballots as a substantial voting barrier. They are working on educating their peers about voting absentee and to create no cost solutions to ballot delivery on campus. University of Alabama Andrew Goodman Ambassador Dana Sweeney worked with his school’s administration and mail system to create a mail stop code specifically for absentee ballots. Thanks to this action, 10,000 out-of-state students at University of Alabama will no longer have to pay $60/semester to rent mailboxes in order to receive their absentee ballots.
- John Smith

The University of Alabama Offers Free Mail Services

For the safety and security of our students, mail and packages are not delivered directly to the residence halls or Greek houses. All deliveries are made to the Ferguson Mail Center. Students residing on Campus at one of the Residential Communities are able to receive letter mail and trackable inbound UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS items. Every student actively enrolled and taking classes at UA are automatically assigned a 6-digit mailstop code (MSC#). This mailstop code (MSC#) is permanently-assigned and allows every student the opportunity to receive any trackable item at the mail center. Off-Campus students may receive trackable inbound UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS items. Students not residing in a Residential Community cannot receive letter mail at the mail center.

Absentee Voting Fraud Multiplier Effect

Technically, with a Centralized system and database, the systems just discussed can be used to order multiple absentee ballots from multiple states. All the Organization has to do is create a Lease agreement to show state residency and order absentee ballots in the names of the participating students from multiple states. This encourages stuffing the ballot box with Liberal Collge Student Votes and technically could be sold to the highest bidder.

Contact Thomas Wright and Spencer Cox. Tell them to defund the Hinckley Institute at the University of Utah.


Thomas Wright is Over the Budget of All Utah Universities.CONTACT:(844) 839-2020

Spencer Cox

Spencer Cox can be reached at 801-538-1041

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