Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Karl Marx Education Quote

Government Monopoly on Education Tax Dollars is the Problem 

Public Schools have gone from places of education into indoctrination camps. The result is the anti-American, pro-Communist movements we now have destroying our communities, culture and history. Lobbyists control our government at both the National and State Levels. Almost all of the big money Lobbyists are involved in transforming our Country into a mindless mass of morons that know how to eat and copulate. But not much else.
Any consolidation of power into the hands of a Minority, always proves fatal to the majority. No where is this more true than in our Publicly funded School Systems. 
In a Free Society, the best run organization with the best products wins. In a monopoly, competition is discouraged and destroyed. Marxists now control the Education Agenda and there is no longer room in their Indoctrination Centers for any other Belief or Ideology.

Consider the Salt Lake City Primary School Curriculum

  • Kindergarten: (Global Warming Propaganda) "The Kindergarten SEEd standards provide a framework for students to obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about how the Sun causes our weather patterns and how these patterns affect living systems.
  • 1st Grade: (Social Conditioning-LGTB Agenda) "Understand how family members support each other and how families can change over time.
  • 2nd Grade: (Marxist Materialism) "Explain the difference between consumers and producers and the different types of goods and services that help people to meet their needs.
  • 3rd Grade: (Global Warming Propaganda) "analyze and interpret data to reveal patterns that indicate typical weather conditions expected during a particular season.
  • 4th Grade: (Deviant Sex Ed) "Understand how to prevent substance abuse and communicable diseases including HIV/AIDS.
  • 5th Grade: (Devient Sex Ed) "Understand personal hygiene and “universal precautions” and their role in preventing disease transmission.
  • 6th Grade: (Globalist Marxist Propaganda) "Understand current global issues and their rights and responsibilities in the interconnected world.

Covid and Closures Have Normalized Home Schools

Mike Donnelly, senior counsel of the Home School Legal Defense Association, says he’s seen polls that suggest between 15% and 40% of students in the U.S. will be homeschooled in the coming school year. “You’re looking at an increase of about 8.5 million childrenwhich is a five hundred percent increase,” Donnelly said. Klug, the parent of children who may continue to be homeschooled next school year, says, “In a weird way, this pandemic has been a blessing in disguise. My kiddos have said this feels like it has been a blessing.”

Where Do You as a Parent Begin?

For parents who wish to home school their child, the State of Utah requires the parent to complete and file an affidavit with their local school district stating their intent to home school. We suggest contacting your local school district to find out what form they require. While the Utah State Board of Education can provide information regarding state policies, home school jurisdiction falls under the local school district.
Model Home School Form (Utah)
School District Responsibility to Home Schooled Parents & Students

It Doesn't Have to Be All or Nothing

As a Parent and Taxpayer, you can decide which, if any, classes you want to Homeschool. Its recommended that you look through the school districts curriculum and separate the Indoctrination from the Education.

You Don't Have to Go It Alone

Home Schooling was usually a Family Affair. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Other Relatives all taught in their areas of expertise. If you are going to expand your home school group to include other families make sure you run a full background report on every adult that will have contact with your children. ALSO, always have two adults present during instruction.

POLL: Are You Home Schooling Now or in the Future?

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2 thoughts on “Home School a Popular Option for Utah Conservatives”
  1. I think this article goes a little to far. Some of the curriculum stated as pushing an agenda could be taught in a way to push the opposite agenda so I dont think there is a direct correlation to either side. Some of them are just science

    1. Teachers are held to a strict lesson plan on the topics. The curriculum is written to deceive parents and disguise the agenda. K-6 students are taught about sex, global warming etc. then told how to solve the problem. Its Agenda driven education in a population that is going to accept everything they are told as fact. Home Schooling allows Parents to control the curriculum and keep the pseudo science and sexual content out of it until the child is old enough to use their critical thinking skills. Its called maturity. Something you won’t find in an Elementary Classroom.

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