Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Kevin Shelley

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(To my best recollection.)

Greg Hughes is Herculean. Favored among men. He began a Ted Cruz-ader until Donald won the nomination. Like many, Trump 2016 perplexed him. What was all the “hubbub”?!

Unlike many, in an honest inquiry, Greg attends a last minute Trump outdoor rally at Orem Park, where we first met. I hadn’t follow UT politics being a fresh transplant from NYC, so had no idea he was Speaker of the State House, former professional boxer, etc. etc. Don Peay (a longtime Trump family friend, hunting guru... turned political advisor) gave a riveting speech, followed by myself and others.

McMullen was leading in UT, his smear campaign of Hillary corruption and Trump character - funded by Romney himself. Dangerously they sought to rob Both of electoral college delegates/votes, not realizing it was less likely to yield a brokered convention and more likely to clinch a win for Hillary. We HAD to avoid this catastrophe, such a naive and delusional strategy.

A light bulb went off for Greg. Big time. Our personal and big picture message awakened him... ignited his fire. We spoke for what seemed an hour until all other attendees vanished into the Saturday fall weather chill.

Greg joined us and brought immediate clout, connections, and UT stakeholders and influencers “around”. In just two weeks McMullens poll numbers plunged (Lol) and Trump won by a safe margin. Many came to understand the high-stakes game - where only winners gain the power to forward their objectives significantly, while losers eat table-scraps.

Since then, Greg went beyond a Trump champion who deeply “gets it”, unapologetically, to became singled out as doing more for Trump and Utah excepting Sen. Hatch himself. After elected President Trump and Secretary of the Interior Zinke returned to sign the historic return of Bears Ears and Escalante Staircase parcels to pre-Obama footprint size... Hatch and team Trump returned to D.C. on Air Force One. Only one person in all Utah was invited by Trump, “Hey, wanna come check it out before we take off.”

Greg returned smiling ear to ear to the State Capitol. Piled snacks exclusively packaged “Air Force One” where we sat and basked in the momentous trajectory of promises Trump had made Americans, and kept in mere months - unlike anything anyone of us will see in our generation, perhaps longer.

Everything Trump highlights uncovers corruption and nastiness we’ve always felt, known, but been powerless to counter and fix! He’s a gladiator for American, Christian, Worker, Family values that nobody ever saw coming - packaged in the most unsuspecting way - yet perfectly evolved in battle-hardened NYC, so impervious to all the adversaries fiery darts. And so is Greg.

Nobody 2020 freakin’ compares, comes close, has the balls, or the fire and pure-minded determination. All others waffle, fuss, and puff their chests to “right Trump” in this or that pettiness, disregarding that Trump is the Chosen David to our Goliath with almost “superhuman” instincts that fuse culture, business, and politics in ways that flummoxes and outsmarts the opposition, besting or disrupting them at their own game.

Seize the moment. Seize it ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, Patriots and Freedom Lovers! This won’t happen again. The world is becoming too volatile, too unpredictable. We must have a 2020 Gladiator ourselves with 100% alignment with this unique momentum... or we cannot take on the powers arraying against us. We need 2020 YOU... and GREG HUGHS 2020 needs 2020 US.