Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
Jon HUntsman

Jon Huntsman Jr. For Utah Governor?

Our Opinion:

Everything wrong with Utah Politics can be traced back to Jon Huntsman.

  1. He Heavily Supported the Destruction of the Republican Party Caucus System with Count My Vote,  

In early March 2014, Count My Vote supporters and the Utah legislature agreed to a compromise in which S.B. 54 would incorporate a provision allowing for candidates to get on the primary ballot in Utah by completing a write-in campaign.[9] Candidates running for statewide office would need to gather 28,000 signatures; candidates for the United States House of Representatives would need around 7,000 signatures; state Senate candidates would need to collect 2,000 signatures; and a state House Candidate would need 1,000 signatures.[10]
S.B. 54, as thus amended, would create a hybrid primary election system allowing for both a party caucus and a direct primary election. Additionally, it would allow voters not publicly affiliated with any political party to participate in primary elections. On March 5, 2014, S.B. 54 passed the House legislature (on a vote of 49 in favor, 20 opposed, and 6 not voting), and it was signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert on March 10.

 2. He is an unapologetic Globalist that has been behind every “Free Trade” Agreement since NAFTA:  “Promoting open markets promotes democratic values in those markets and enhances opportunities for American farmers, workers, entrepreneurs, and families,” said Huntsman in a press release at the time. “With the US party to only two of the 130 free trade agreements worldwide, it is crucial to get off the sidelines by launching a new WTO trade round and establishing a Free Trade Area of the Americas. Trade Promotion Authority, the President’s top trade goal, is important for both.”

In 2002, Huntsman called NAFTA “a success beyond anyone’s expectations. It has allowed the average family to save in terms of what they pay for goods, products that would otherwise carry a higher cost.” Indeed, Huntsman seemed to demonstrate an understanding that free markets lead to economic growth. He said in May of 2011 that imposing tariffs on Chinese imports “would throw us into a depression.”

Huntsman Thinks More Government Spending is Solution to Utah Shutdown

In an Op-Ed Piece With The Deseret News, Huntsman stated:

“Steps taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 have temporarily interrupted the usual relationship between customers and businesses.

Small businesses are not able to cease operations and still make payroll so they either lay off employees or find a stopgap measure. Our ability to efficiently connect businesses to capital during the quarantine will directly impact the total number of people who lose their jobs and the rate at which our economy recovers once life gets back to normal.”

Huntsman then proposes more debt be poured on the Taxpayers Backs  and small businesses.

He is noticeably silent on the fact that Covid was a non-starter, with 50 fatalities in the entire State of Utah.

He also fails to point out that closing Utah businesses only empowered his friends in Communist China, who continued to profit from their products being sold through Walmart, Costco, Amazon etc. 

Utah needs a Governor that wants to make Utahns happy, not International Enterprises that only further enrich Communist China.

If Huntsman Wins so Does Communist China, at the expense of Utah Owned Businesses. The Recession will only worsen and so will the loss of Our Civil Liberties.

By pdrockton

Paul A Drockton M.A. has been an Investigative Journalist for Over 15 Years! He has written thousands of articles and hosted the Drockton Report, with over 1.3 million listeners. His background includes a Masters Degree in US History & Economics, Republican Party Leader, Republican Party Candidate, Republican Candidate Campaign Manager and Author of the Parma City Charter. He is known for his honesty and integrity in reporting and his ability to drill down to the truth regardless of position or influence of the subjects of his investigations.