Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
Spencer Cox Communist China

Trade Deficit Means You Buy More Than You Sell

Chinese Trade Deficit
Mexico Trade Deficit

Romney and Cox Give $3.8 Billion in Utah Jobs Away Annually!

  • That's Enough to Pay 52,777 Utahns $72,000 Each in Annual Income.
  •  Utah has more Than 100,000 Unemployed Thanks To Spencer Cox and His Tyrannical Lockdown.

  • His Unwillingness to Stand-Up to Big Non-Utah Corporations Like Walmart has Hurt Utah Jobs and Businesses.
  • Massive Govt Growth and HIgher Taxes Under Cox Have Further Crippled Utah's Economy.

Mitt Romney and Spencer Cox Hurt Utah Families

Cost of Raising a Child

But Romney and Cox Don't Work For the People of Utah

Cox Tariffs Large

They Work for International Corporations & Their Profit Margins


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