Utah MLM, Rain International, Facing Criminal Fraud Charges?

Scientific Lab Tests Show Rain Soul Claims Are Fraudulant?

Byron Belka- Rain Intl. CEO

Rain Soul Manufacturer

Casey Whitaker- Rain VP

A former Rain International Distributor has come forward with the above Lab Test that appears to confirm his claims of product fraud. 

According to the anonymous source who verified the above analysis performed by a well-recognized Scientific Product Testing Company,

“This test shows that Rain Soul has been selling little more than colored water to their distributors with absolutely zero real world value. In fact, it is a violation of Federal and State Consumer Protection Laws.” 

The CEO of the Country is telling people that this product is rich in fruits and vegetables. In fact, he has stated it contains 8-10 servings of fruit, 8-10 servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of good healthy fats.

One of Rain Soul's Marketing Pieces Widely Circulating Around the Internet.

1 Serving of Rain Soul-Label

1 Serving of Orange Juice

One Serving of Grape Juice

One Serving of V8 Vegetable Juice

No Nutritional Value to Rain Soul?

According to our Nutrition Expert, the product tests show the following:

“Rain Soul has no detectable vegetable or fruit content found in its Assay. Nor does it have any measurable black cumin seed. Thymoquinone is the active ingredient in Rain Soul. A valuable amount would be in the 10 gram area.  The less than 4/100 of a mg per 100 grams that the lab tests certified have zero nutritional benefit. None.

The fats are equally meaningless. A measure of 1.26 grams per 100 grams is a trace of fat, not 2-3 servings like the company appears to claim.  One Avocado has 21 grams of fat. You would have to eat 16  servings of 100 grams of Rain Soul to equal one Avocado.”

If There Was Ever a Case for Criminal Fraud Charges...

“The law is very clear when it comes to Nutritional Products… If it isn’t in there, you can’t advertise that it is. The fact that this product is sold nationally makes this a Federal AND State Issue. The Company needs to be shut down as a present danger to public health and the public safety. I have seen Company Owners go to Prison for much less.” he concluded.

If I were a Distributor I would resign so I don’t get prosecuted as an accomplice. Especially now that this information is in the Public Domain.”

If I were a Customer , I would ask for a Refund and find a legitimate product.”

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