Rain International Product Fraud & Expired Product Sales Hurts Nigerian/US Relations

Byron Belka: CEO of Rain International

Casey Whitaker-Owner-VP Operations

After the Release of Rain Soul’s Product Assay (Chemical Analysis) revealed that Rain Soul is nothing more than Sugar Water with food coloring, Company Distributors and Management were in damage control mode. Black Friday is supposed to be a Record Day for Online Retailers. The company was so desperate for sales they sent out multiple emails with discounted product to their clients.

Casey Whitaker reportedly spent the day trying to “buy off” a group of disgruntled distributors with everything from cash offers to restored paychecks. That failing, proxy distributors resorted to threats and various smear attempts.

But the Truth will always come out to a wary public through a vigilant press.

Rain Distributors Arrested for Selling Expired Product in Nigeria

Dino Nedelko, Nigerian Rain Master Distributor

In a World Where Black Africans Still Bear the Scars of European Colonialism and Racism, selling an expired supplement imported from America is considered to be a crime worthy of a prison sentence. It shows a calloused disregard for the years spent on trying to repair the breach in racial relations.


When Rain International owners sought to quickly liquidate their expired product, they turned to Dino Nedelko to push the product on the streets of Nigeria with his team. Dino is known as a man that will do anything for a quick buck, so it is a fair question to ask whether he received compensation for this extremely calloused service.

Apparently, when the police found out about the scheme, Dino turned State Informant. He allegedly led the police to the actual locations where the product was being sold. As a result, many Black Nigerian Rain Distributors were arrested and Dino got off without so much as an expulsion from the country. In fact, he is still pushing Rain Soul on the Nigerians, which is nothing more than colored sugar water with enough molecules of nutrition to put an ingredient on the Label, but not the actual dosage amount.  The Nigerian Government needs to expel Rain International stop the Sale of Rain Products in Nigeria.

It has also been reported that both Byron Belka, Rain’s CEO and Casey Whitaker, VP of Operations ordered the shipment of the expired¬† product to Nigeria according to their Logistics Manager, Cory Gallegos.

Make Sure You Share BOTH News Articles with the Above Investigating Agencies.

The Above Assay Shows the Product Fraud in Rain International Soul