Did Rain Majority Owner, Travis Parry Dump Expired Product on Africa???

Travis Parry-CEO of Innovative Flexpak and Rain International Majority Owner

Travis Parry is the Majority Owner of  Both Rain International (A Delaware Corporation), and Innovative Flexpak. As Our Previous Article explained, A Summit Labs Assay showed that at least one batch of Rain Soul was grossly diluted in violation of Federal Laws. This Article will explore more documents that have come into our possession as they relate to Selling Near Expiration Product in Africa.

Fortunately for the Company, Market Manager Abius Akwaake, refused the nearly expired product. He claimed it would be seized by Customs Officials at the Port. He also stated that he had saved the Company from being banned in Namibia and other Sub-Sahara Companies.

Since the reported cost of production per box of product has been reported at an estimated $6 per box, the reasonable question is why take the risk in the first place?

Even more embarassing is the fact that Africans have long accused the West of using Africa as a Dumping Ground for old or ineffective products.

The impact on American Imports could have been devastating. Add to that fact that African Leaders despise Multi-Level Marketing Companies. Any Network Marketer in the Industry should recognize this as a black mark that can’t be dismissed as a Standard Industry Practice.

Emails Allegedly Show Rain International Knew Product Was Near Expiration

So What Happened to the Expired Rain Core Product From Nigeria?

With no Way to Dump the Near Expiration Product in Sub-Sahara Africa, the product allegedly remained in Nigeria. There, according to multiple confidential informants, who fear retaliation if their names are published, it was sold anyway.

The result, reportedly, was the arrest of multiple Rain International Distributors and the firing of Rain’s Nigeria Managers.

To this day, these individuals maintain their innocence and blame Rain International’s US Owners for forcing them to sell the expired product or lose their jobs.

As the emails demonstrate, The Owners of Rain International apparently tried to dump near expiration Rain Core on an unsuspecting Namibia.

Just another black eye for Travis Parry, the Majority Owner of Rain International.