Who is Robert W. Cantwell and How Did He Become the Most Powerful Man in the Mormon Church?

Robert W Cantwell is the Head of the Mormon Church Auditing Department and a CPA. He is also the individual that lets Mormons know all over the world that the Church follows good accounting practices. His talk replaces the former practice of fully disclosing ALL Church finances to the General Membership at Conference. Robert, it appears, also serves as the Treasurer of Ensign Peak Advisors. The same outfit that was just exposed by a former Investment Manager turned whistleblower for running what appears to be a $100 billion dollar Slush Funds built from member donations. 

Robert W. Cantwell was also Given Full Discretion Over Church Investments by Thomas Monson.

An Amendment Singled Out Cantwell

Why Would the Church Circumvent Its Own Presiding Bishop In These Matters?

Historically, Traditionally, and in Harmony with its own Doctrines, the Presiding Bishop of the Church was designated as the Head of the Church’s Temporal Administration. In other words, Church Funds and Business.

In 2013 that would have been Gary Evan Stevenson.  

Yet, Thomas S Monson, Church President and designated owner of the Corporation operating the Mormon Church, gave the Church Auditor sole discretion over Church Investments?

Basically calling him the Chief Financial Officer of the Church?

As Treasurer of Ensign Peak Advisors, Cantwell would be the one that approves investments and writes the checks.

He would be a good place to start asking questions about the Beneficial Life Bailout and Retail Mall Investment totaling 2 billion dollars of Tithing Donations under Management by Ensign Peak.