The Lies Surrounding the Mormon Slush Fund.

Mormon Slush Fund

Whistleblower: "Not One Penny from $120 Billion Slush Fund Has Gone to Charitable Purposes"

Lies About Tithing NOT Being Used for Luxury Mormon Mall

The Church has repeatedly stated that no tithing money is being used for construction of City Creek Center, including in the official Church magazine, the Ensign:

The Church first announced three years ago it was planning to redevelop the downtown area to energize the economy of the city that houses its headquarters and to bolster the area near Temple Square. No tithing funds will be used in the redevelopment.
“Church Releases Plans for Downtown Salt Lake”Ensign, Dec. 2006, 76–80.

This Deseret News article has more information on the construction and financing:

“Money for the project is not coming from LDS Church members’ tithing donations. City Creek Center is being developed by Property Reserve Inc., the church’s real-estate development arm, and its money comes from other real-estate ventures.”
– Doug Smeath, “Downtown renovation project”Deseret News March 27, 2007.

One member of the Corporation of the Presiding Bishopric and an executive in the LDS for-profit businesses, Keith McMullin, told Bloomberg BusinessWeek in 2012 that tithes do not go to the church’s for-profit endeavors and did not go to City Creek Center.

The whistleblower complaint to the IRS raises the question of whether church leaders such as McMullin made honest or false public statements about financing sources for the mall project both before and after construction of the mall.

When asked about tithe funds being used in the City Creek project contradicting what the church leaders said, LDS Church spokesman Eric D. Hawkins sent language from a church statement that said the City Creek development is a way “the Church enhanced the environs of Temple Square and underscored a commitment to Salt Lake City, Utah, where it is headquartered.”

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