Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Utah RICO Whistleblower
Paul A Drockton M.A. was the first Distributor to sign up in the United States with Rain International. He was personally recruited by Rain CEO, Byron Belka to join the company.  As the Largest US Distributor and a Highly Esteemed Rain Diamond Elite, Drockton helped open 4 Continents for the Company. He also had 118,000 Distributors in his downlines. He produced an estimated $20 million dollars in revenue for Rain International and Innovative Flexpak by Opening and Building just the African Markets.  Drockton Opened and Built Ghana, Botswana, Zambia, Angola, South Africa and Namibia. He also helped build Nigeria. The Company refused to Support his efforts through legitimate business practices in Africa, he maintains. Instead, he claims they used his efforts to prop up Sales in the United States to Deceive Investors. As a Result, he was forced to manage the African Markets on the Company's behalf without just Compensation.

RICO Complaint:  "Rain Committed Investor and Tax Fraud"

According to the Federal Racketeering Complaint: Case No: 2:20-cv-00662-DB-JCB "Retaliation Against a Witness: 1st Cause of Action. Plaintiff Maintains that he was fired by “The Enterprises” for asking them to change their business practices as it dealt with his Black African Downline. He also maintains that Rain was guilty of using False Social Security Numbers in their enrollment of African Distributors, Avoiding State Sales Tax by enrolling distributors in Colorado, which has no state sales tax, and reporting to investors that African Revenue generated by the Plaintiff’s Downline were actually part of the growth in the USA market. Plaintiff will demonstrate that “The Enterprises” identified in this complaint were also involved in creating a Delaware Corporation to hide their business dealings from the Public and Investors.

Rain International CEO, Byron Belka Now Under IRS Investigation

IRS Whistleblower Letter
Byron Belka

Rain CEO Byron Belka

Casey Whittaker

Rain VP Casey Whittaker


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