Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

As Usual, the Liberal Media's Attempts to use Poll Propaganda Failed


Just as it Failed in 2016

Clinton Poll 2016

In-Spite of Utah's Socialist Republicans and its Liberal Media's Best Attempts, Including Trying to Split the Republican Vote, Donald Trump Crushed Clinton in Utah

2016 Results

Yet, Communists Continue Their Patently False Predictions

electoral college map

Move Those 66 Light Blue Electoral Votes Back to Trump-where they will end up in November- and Trump wins 264-218

As the Map Shows, Mail-in Voting and Communist Dictatorships Go Well Together. 

Mail in States

Just Like Covid Hysteria and Communist Dictatorships


1.5-2.5 Million Deaths were Predicted in the US from Covid

Which is Why Donald Trump will Carry Greg Hughes to Victory in a November Write-in Campaign

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