Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
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The Numbers Are In. Communist China Only US Lockdown Winner

Trade Deficit2

Amazon is the Largest Chinese Communist Product Retailer in US

Top ten Retailers

Amazon Gives Chinese Manufacturers Direct Access to US Markets

The Fulfillment by Amazon program has significantly changed how Chinese sellers access American customers. James Huang, a Shanghai-based managing director at ChannelAdvisor, a U.S. company that helps retailers sell online, calls it the killer solution. “In the past [Chinese sellers] had to resort to very scrappy solutions, such as renting apartments in Los Angeles or Seattle and putting their inventory there, or scouring the web for third party logistics or warehousing,” he said. For Amazon, the win is that it adds to the company’s trifecta of lowest prices, best customer experience and broadest selection, said Aaron Cheris, a partner at consulting firm Bain & Co. in San Francisco.

Now Chinese Products Dominate Amazon Listings

Brands by Country of Origin

Destroying US Small Businesses in the Process

US Small Businesses affected by Covid

Forcing the Middle Class into Wage Slavery

Amazon executives have also launched a media blitz, touting the company’s role in supplying important goods to consumers. Amazon is leading the biggest hiring spree of the tech giants, announcing more than 175,000 new, mostly low-wage jobs in warehouses and delivery. The company is openly recruiting workers who have been laid off from other industries, as it has struggled to keep up with the surge in consumer demand
Amazon Wages

Trump Tariffs Would Protect the American Middle Class

Wealth distribution


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