Jon & Mary Huntsman in Pedophile’s Black Book?

Jon & Mary Huntsman in Pedophile’s Black Book? has published what appears to be Jon and Mary Kaye Huntsman’s Names listed in Pedophile, Jeffrey Epsteins Black Book.

Jon and Mary Kaye Huntsman Appear to Have 4 Entries in Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book

Epstein was a Convicted Pedophile and Pimp   

epstein clinton

Bill Clinton Portrait

Portrait of Epstein's Best Friend Bill Clinton Allegedly Found at Pedophile's Mansion

Demand That The Death Penalty Be Reinstated for Child Rapists and That They Pay for Their Own Federal Appeals!

Bring Back the Death Penalty for Pedophiles in Utah. Make Them Pay for Their Own Federal Appeals.

We the undersigned Demand that the State Legislature and our Governor Bring Back the Mandatory Death Penalty for anyone convicted of having sexual relations of any child 12 years old or younger.

  1. We Demand that the Convicted Pedophile be forced to pay his own Attorney fees for the Federal Appeals Process, if he or she decides to Appeal.

  2. In the event of a decision to not Appeal we demand that the sentence be carried out within 30 days.

  3. We also demand that the Governor be forbidden from offering clemency of any kind to Child Rapists.

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One thought on “Jon & Mary Huntsman in Pedophile’s Black Book?

  1. These crimes are heinous. The strategies & unending lengths these literal monsters went to are too horrifying to comprehend. Now “they” are trying to normalize these horrific acts. Grooming the human race. Let’s remind them it is absolutely a death wish. Perhaps they should die the deaths they instigated on their victims.

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