Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Ben McAdams Isn't Doing Utah Any Good as a Democrat in Congress

Ben McAdams won his seat by 646 Votes. He kept his promise to not vote for Nancy Pelosi as House Chair. Unfortunately, he fell for the shallow enticements of Mitt Romney and the Deseret News.  McAdams made the fatal mistake of voting to Impeach Donald Trump over a manufactured Conspiracy Theory that fell apart under close scrutiny.  McAdams has proposed some good legislation that could be considered Conservative. But, with a Majority of Democrats in the House he is only adding strength to their Party and Position. In other words, Conservatives can't vote for a man that will only give us two more years of Insanity from the extremists on the left. Or, worse yet, will tie the hands of a Popular Presidential Mandate.  Kim Coleman has the experience as a lawmaker and the backbone to fight for Utah's Conservatives. She won't bend to Mitt Romney's political machine and can't be bought with his money. She will represent Utah the way we deserve. She Deserves Our Vote

Why McAdams Won't Win Again:

Ben McAdams 2

US Rep. Ben McAdams

  • Ben McAdams voted with Liberals to Impeach Donald Trump over a manufactured Conspiracy Theory that fell apart under close examination
  • McAdams Only won by 694 votes against a very weak opponent.
  • McAdams is listed as one of the Top 10 Most Vulnerable in Congress.
  • The 4th District has a double digit majority of Republicans over Democrats

Big Money Behind McAdams Traces Back to Mitt Romney?

  • Gardner Co Donated $29,600 to McAdams -  Also Donated $48,000 to Mitt Romney
  • University of Utah Donated $25,903 to McAdams. Gets its Funding From Republican Legislature and Governor Controlled by Mitt Romney.
  • Brigham Young University $11,561. Mitt Romney Helps Steer BYU Donations
  • Equality PAC (LGBT Group) Donated $10,000 to McAdams

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