Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Erin Mendenhall

Socialist Mayor Lets Extremists Do Her Dirty Work Anonymously

But later Tuesday, the council faced a barrage of demands in its public meeting, where more than 80 Salt Lake City residents called in to the online meeting demanding major cuts to the Salt Lake City Police Department’s budget while more money goes to affordable housing, homelessness, public transportation for minority groups, and other programs to address “systematic racism.” dolor sit amet Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
Erin Mendenhall tried to Cling on to the Mayor's Position by permitting carefully screened extremists to call into a public Council Meeting and Savage the Men and Women in Blue that work for her. Unable to tell who was on the other side of the phone was a Political Trick to persuade the Public that they didn't serve her campaign, City Hall or were simply relatives reading from a of course, went along with the ruse.
Michael Kennedy-Yoon told the City Council he was at one of the Salt Lake City protests this week, and he saw a police officer yelling back at a 15-year-old girl protester, “screaming back words that would get him kicked out of a committee meeting.”
Yoon apparently forgot to video the alleged verbal assault or give the name and badge number of the offending officer. Causing casual observers to question if the event even took place. No victim came forward to prop up his highly questionable and what seemed to be, a politically motivated story.

Mayor's Office Costs Salt Lake Taxpayers Over $2,000,000

Mendenhall failed to offer any Budget Cuts to her own 6 figure salary or the Over $2,000,000 spent annually by her Office. There is no Public accountability for how that money is spent. It simply appears as a line item in the City's Annual Budget. The Mayor's personal salary is an estimated $183,000 per year. If she were to cut her expenses in half the City would have an additional $1,000,000 to spend. Yet no phone calls came in to criticize her Bloated Budget, malfeasance, or her Stand-Down Orders to Police.

Why Does Support Mendenhall's Extreme Socialist Agenda?

KSL.Com is controlled by Mitt Romney and his Socialist Supporters. Their goal is to destroy the Utah Constitution and replace it with a Socialist Dictatorship. Thus enriching themselves and their organization through HIgher Taxes and Lucrative Government Contracts. It always comes back to money with Romney and Friends.

Salt Lake City Violent Crime is 33% Less Than the National Average

One measure of the effectiveness of any Police Department is how they rate compared to the National Average for Violent Crimes.Clearly, the Salt Lake City Police Department are doing an incredible job dealing with violent criminals. This in spite of the fact that the State continues to import violent criminals from other countries under their Immigrant Amnesty Guidelines. Many which should not be in the state in the first place. Others come from organized criminals and gangs which are also in Utah under its Amnesty Guidelines. Salt Lake City Police are expressly forbidden to work with US Agencies trying to identify and deport violent criminals. In fact, the state no longer deports individuals that commit Misdemeanors while in Utah illegally.
Tell Mendenhall to Resign!
Time for action
Salt Lake City Doesn't Need a Radical Mayor allied with the forces of Violent Social Revolution. Or one that is constantly at war with our Police Department because of her Socialist Agenda.
Call Mendenhall's Office

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