Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Jim Dabakis Joins Mitt Romney and the Deseret News in Futile Attempt to Stop Greg Hughes

Socialist Republicans, Media and Extremists on the Left are United in Trying to Stop the Greg Hughes Freight Train Pulling into the Utah Governers Mansion. Cox and Huntsman are both begging their true constituency to misrepresent themselves in the Republican Primary.
Annotation 2020-06-11 211702

As the ONLY Utah Elected Republican Leader to Openly Endorse Donald Trump, Greg Hughes is Used to Standing Alone.


Socialists Spencer Cox and Mitt Romney Hate Everything About Trump's Attempts to Save America.

Hillary love

Hillary Clinton Thanks Spencer Cox for His Support

Never Trumper Spencer Cox

But He will Lie and Tell You He Is.

Never Trumper Spencer Cox

Spencer Cox Hates Utah Values

Socialist Billionaire Jon Huntsman is Equally Worthless to Utah Conservatives and Their Families

Trump Large

Ungrateful Spoiled Rich Kid Joins Democrat Impeachment Team

And Thank Thomas Wright for Helping These Extremists Get Elected

Thomas Wright with Gary Herbert and Mitt Romney

Thomas Wright and His Good Buddy Herbert Enjoy FRont Row Seats At Romney Victory Party

So Who Do You Trust More With Your Family's Future?


The Jim Dabakis, Mitt Romney, Spencer Cox, Jon Huntsman, Thomas Wright Socialist Coalition?


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