Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Spencer Cox

According to Utah's Leading Democrat, Jim Dabakis, Cox and Huntsman both Need Democrats to Vote Republican.


Jim Dabakis Proposes to His Husband. Dabakis has switched Parties to Vote Against Greg Hughes. He Has sent out notices to his fellow Democrats to do the Same.

Spencer Cox is Utah's Highest Election Official

The Utah Voice has asked Spencer Cox to Step Down as Lt. Governor because it creates a conflict with his name on the Ballot. The Lt. Governor presides over all elections in Utah. As we have come to realize, our worst fears have been realized. It appears that Cox is assisting Jim Dabakis, an extreme Democrat, in getting Republican Ballots into the hands of Registered Democrats. According to Utah media sources, thousands of Democrats in Duchesne County Utah were sent Republican Ballots instead of Democrat for the June 30th Primary. This is just another example of potential fraud from the Cox Campaign. Cox has also claimed to be loyal to Donald Trump to win over Utah Conservatives. As we have reported, the exact opposite is true.

Cox Used the Deaths of 130 Elderly Utahns to Mandate Mail In Voting for the Entire State.

Covid Mortality data shows Utah deaths have primarily effected the extremely elderly in the State. Cox has used the lockdown he ordered to mandate mail in ballots for his own election. Just another potential lawsuit against Spencer Cox. And another reason for Utah to expect him to step down as Lt. Governor before June 30, 2020.

One Pro-Se Litigant Can Force a Fair Election in Utah

As we have written, one Pro-Se Litigant can sue Cox in Federal Court and force him to either resign from office, or as a candidate. Something he should have done on his own. Don't expect the Utah Media to force the issue, they are clearly being used by Republican Socialists to try and Defeat the Greg Hughes Juggernaut... 

Its all About Defeating Donald Trump in November


Greg Hughes is the Only Proven Trump Supporter in Utah's Governor Race

Learn How You Can Fight For Utah as a Pro-Se Attorney!

2 thoughts on “Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox Sends Thousands of Utah Democrats a Republican Ballot”
  1. How do we address this? I’ve filed a complaint with the Federal Election Committee or something like that. Can we get a petition to the correct Authority to investigate this circumstance? Thank you in advance.

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