Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
The First Duty of a Free Press is to Defend the Constution and Bill of Rights. Its Second Duty is to Expose the Scoundrels Destroying It. We live in the day of the Tyrant who can't move forward without his allies in the media.
- Paul A Drockton M.A.

Who Controls the Deseret News Editorial Policies?

Deseret Management
.The Deseret Management Corporation is a management and holding company of for-profit businesses owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was established in 1966 by church president David O. McKay to hold already-existing church assets.
Keith B McMullen
CEO / Deseret Management Corp
Keith Brigham McMullin has been the CEO of Deseret Management Corporation since April 2012. McMullin is a prominent leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has been a general authority since 1995 
Keith McMullen
Doug Wilks
Editor: Deseret News
Wilks Became Editor of the Deseret News when the Previous Editor took a position in the Gary Herbert Administration..
Key Editorials  
Getting back to normal means wearing a mask
Deseret News has taken a firm position repeatedly against the Utah Constitution and Its Declaration of Rights.
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Donald Trump should resign his candidacy
In an attempt to prop up Hillary Clinton's failed campaign. Deseret News ignores her own record of Covering up her husbands numerous Sex Assaults
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Exclusive: Hillary Clinton: What I have in common with Utah leaders
In another failed attempt to make Hillary Clinton "LIkeable" she was given the opportunity to sell herself to Readers. Donald Trump Was Not.
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In our opinion: SB54 is still a good compromise for Utah’s elections
In Order to Destroy the Conservative Republican Caucuses. "Count My Vote" is an Unconstitutional law that makes the Private Republican Party Choose its Representatives in an Open Primary. 
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In our opinion: Romney and the paradox of political courage
The Deseret News Falls all over itself promoting the Mitt Romney is my hero mantra. Even when he fails to represent the people of Utah to pursue his own agenda.
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In our opinion: Moving to yellow doesn’t mean the danger has passed
When a flu kills 65 Utahns. Most with serious health issues, a Newspaper should focus on the fact that it is not worth a Suspension of Our Bill of Rights.
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In our opinion: Hasn't the country learned that free trade is good economics?
Deseret News knows Americans can't compete with slave wages paid to workers oversees.  Free Trade has destroyed this country.
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In our opinion: Tariffs for Mexico? Blame Congress
Deseret News Advocates for Open Borders with no Criminal Background Checks 
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In our opinion: Russia must not succeed in undermining U.S. credibility
Deseret News Jumps on Impeach Trump bandwagon over false narrative manufactured by Clinton Campaign.
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