Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
Bow and Arrow Man Salt Lake Riot
The decision to allow people to protest – even to the point of vandalism – was on purpose, Mendenhall said during a news conference Sunday morning. “It was a calculated and strategic decision to allow people to protest and recognizing that we can clean up paint, we can replace windows,” she said.
- SLC Mayor: Erin Mendenhall

When Our Police are Ordered to NOT Protect Us by Our Mayor. We Have the Right to Protect Ourselves.

The Whole Story of the Bow and Arrow Man Ignored by Utah Media

So you are stopped by a Group of Violent Thugs that start throwing things at cars while the Police can do nothing thanks to Mayor Mendenhall's Stand-Down Orders. You fear for your life and you don't have the money for car repairs.... what would you do? After being abused by these thugs, this poor old guy exits his car with a bow and arrow and points it at the Rioters to keep them away from what's his. That is what the above video clearly shows. The man was forced to defend himself because his Mayor wanted to score some points with the National Democratic Party, Mitt Romney and Governor Herbert  in an effort to  overthrow the Presidency of Donald Trump.

The Salt Lake City Police had their hands tied by Mendenhall

The poor old guy never fired an arrow. He just pointed it as a warning at violent criminals intent on abusing him and his property. If he had pulled a gun it would have been the same. Like the Professional Basketball Player he knew no-one but himself would protect what was his. He was exercising his Constitutional Rights. He ended up being viciously assaulted by the mob and no arrests were made. They torched and overturned his car and no arrests were made. He tried to defend himself and now Mendenhall with her Socialist media friends are trying to have him Prosecuted. All this because she denied him the protection he and others were paying for.
Call Mendenhall and Tell Her to Resign!
Time for action
This time it was the Bow and Arrow Man who was beaten and mobbed. His Car Burned. Which one of us will be next? We have the right to Police Protection from Violent Criminals. Or, the Right to Defend Whats Ours.
Call Mendenhall!
One thought on “Mendenhall Created the Bow and Arrow Man”
  1. My phone isn’t working at the moment – but I will somehow contact Mendenhall about her treachery.
    On another note, when we contact Herbert, I will also demand that he tesigns – but he’s got to take Cox with him – or out of default, we’ll end up with Cox. Then foolish Utahns will vote for Cox to stay in.

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