Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Erin Mendenhall

Mayor Mendehall's Response to Our Article

The decision to allow people to protest – even to the point of vandalism – was on purpose, Mendenhall said during a news conference Sunday morning. “It was a calculated and strategic decision to allow people to protest and recognizing that we can clean up paint, we can replace windows,” she said.

Broken Windows Policy Shows Mendenhall's Ineptitude

The broken windows theory is a criminological theory that states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes.

 Utah Law Enforcement Expert Agrees

Chris Bertram

Chris Burbank is the Decorated Former Police Chief for Holladay, Utah

"I do see that there were things that could have been done earlier on, in my opinion, to make sure you didn’t get to where we were,” he said. “We’re a place that we hosted the Olympics. The world looks to Salt Lake City and now they’re seeing us in this light, and I’m not that proud of that." Bertram thinks if we had a larger police presence from the beginning, we could have avoided much of the destruction. He said if police had started to disperse the crowd earlier, we may not have needed the national guard. He also said what happened was predictable, and preventable. I’d give (the initial strategy) a D.

Chris Bertram - Former Police Chief and Law Enforcement Expert

Former Liberal SLC Police Chief Also Condemns Mendenhall


Barack Obama buddy and Sociology Major- Former SLC Police Chief Chris Burbank

“When their anger is directed specifically at police officers, at the actions that have taken place, to then place police officers in the middle to stand around, that is a show of force,” said Burbank. “And so just having them stand there, right as soon as you put on riot gear, what you saw across the country, that just says throw rocks and bottles at us.”
- Committed Liberal and Former SLC Police Chief- Chris Burbank

SLC Police Stand-down at State Capital Building while Criminals Vandalize it with Graffiti.

Mendenhall's Orders Injured 21 Salt Lake City Police Officers

Brown said of the 21 officers injured, one officer in particular was hospitalized after being struck in the back of the head with a baseball bat by a protester. Many of the officers were treated for heat exhaustion after being in full gear during the heatwave of upwards to 90-degree temperatures all day, he also said.
- Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown

Yet, After the Riots, Mendenhall Permitted the Arrests of Curfew Violators- A Lower Offense Than Vandalism. She also petitioned Rioters to File Complaints Against the Police who were Obeying Her Orders.

At the same time, Mendenhall said in an effort to ensure “transparent policing”, she has asked for a thorough review of the police response to the protest and the release of bodycam video . She wants anyone involved in the protests to file a complaint with the city if they feel they were treated with excessive force. The reports will be investigated by police internal affairs and the civilian review board.
Demand the Resignation of Mayor Mendenhall
Time for action
Mayor Mendenhall was Elected to Protect the People and Property of Salt Lake City. Not to aid and abet a few out of town Anarchists with a History of Violence and Destruction. Call her office and Demand She Resign.
Call the Mayor's Office

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  1. What she did was an absolute disrespect to every tax Payer in Salt Lake City and of all of Utah. You need to step down from office immediately pack your shit you’re fired get out.

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