Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
Hillary Clinton

Mitt Romney Tried To Win Utah For Clinton Before....

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Introduced McMullin as a Third Party Conservative to Steal Votes From Trump and Elect Hillary Clinton

Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin Was a Deep State CIA Operative Before His First Run at Elective Office. He Raised Money from Romney Donors

Romney is Trying the Same Tactic on Greg Hughes


Thomas Wright is the McMullin in the Utah Governor's Race. Here he celebrates Romney's Victory with Utah's Other Republican Socialists

Everyone But Greg Hughes Is Following the Clinton Roadmap

Spencer Cox is the Never Trumper Socialist

Following the George Soros Socialist Revolution Handbook

  • 1. Lockdown Utah Until Chinese Imports through Walmart, Amazon and Costco Replace Utah Small Businesses. 
  • 2. Blame the High Unemployment You Created on Donald Trump.
  • 3. Blame the Police for the Salt Lake Riots and Refuse to Call In the National Guard to Assist
  • 4. Pretend Utah has a Race Issue when only 1% of Utah is Black Americans.
  • 5. Let Rioters Destroy Small Businesses still alive after Your Shutdown.

Cox Receives Major Socialist Endorsement


The NEA Just Endorsed Spencer Cox AND Gave Him $75,000 for HIs Campaign

  • The NEA Donated $154,798 to the Democratic National Committee
  • They Also Donated $51,576 to Extremist and Racist Stacy Abrams PAC
  • They also Donated $29,792 To Bernie Sanders
  • And $16,081 To Joseph Biden

Why Would a Utah Candidate for Governor Get $75,000???

Over 97% of the NEA Endorsements Go to Pro-Abortion, Pro-Tax, Pro Common Core, Pro-Big Government Democrats. They were one of Hillary Clinton's Biggest Supporters. They were one of Obama's Biggest Supporters. Now they have given more money to Spencer Cox than any Republican in History. Why?

It All Comes Back to Beating Donald Trump in November

Hillary love

Hillary Clinton Knows She Can Count on Spencer Cox

So It Really is Hillary Clinton VS Donald Trump in Utah


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