Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Provo Protest Shooting

Will Communist Kaufusi Have MORE Blood on Her Hands?

Provo Mayor Kaufusi
As the Communist Revolution continues under Utah's Socialist Republican and Democrat Leadership, only one question remains. Will Utahns Continue to stand idly by as their Elected Leaders continue to expose their families to homicidal maniacs? The Mayor is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in Their Cities. When they refuse to enforce the laws against their fellow Communists, the Community must deal with them as Criminals.

Another Riot is Scheduled in Provo Tonight

Riots are defined as violent disobedience of the law. They often result in Looting, Injury, or as was the case earlier this week, bloodshed. Our hope is that this article prevents that. But, Law Enforcement needs to be permitted to arrest the Organizers and Their Co-Conspirators. That includes Provo Mayor Kaufusi who interfered with the Police's ability to arrest Rioters before an innocent civilian was shot in cold blood.

These are the Laws The Police were Not Allowed to Enforce

Annotation 2020-06-30 173752

No Throwing ANY objects in the Street or Anywhere Else- Provo, Utah Law

Provo Disturbing the Peace

Disturbing the Peace Law-Provo, Utah

Abusive Language

Abusive Language Law: Provo, Utah

Read the Provo City Code

How to Fight a Communist

  • Identify the Leadership and Their Complicit Politicians
  • DON'T engage with their Useful Idiots. Focus on the Leaders
  • Record and Publicize Their Events and Activities on Social Media and Send to the Utah Voice
  • Identify Their Media Outlets and Continue To Challenge Their Propaganda
  • File Criminal Charges Against Complicit Politicians with Law Enforcement and Prosecutor. PUBLICIZE YOUR COMPLAINT and Send it to the Utah Voice for Publication

Call and Email Provo City Council. Demand They Fire Kaufusi

Contact Provo City Council

File a Written Complaint Against Kaufusi AND Provo City Council With the County Sheriff, County Prosecutor and State Attorney General for Conspiracy to Foment a Riot and Send Utah Voice a Copy

Utah County Sheriff
Utah County Prosecutor

Make Sure you send Us a Copy of Your Complaints!

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