Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Mitt Romney

George Soros Organization Behind Katie Witt Smear Campaign

Alliance for a Better Utah

As We Pointed Out in Yesterday's Article, Alliance for a Better Utah is run by a George Soros Affiliate Group looking to undermine Conservatives and proceed with the Socialist Agenda. Soros has been accused of funding the groups rioting in US cities, including the Salt Lake Riot.  (Read Article)

Katie Witt is the Mayor of Kaysville Running For US Congress 

Katie Witt Kaysville Utah Mayor

Katie Witt is a Republican Conservative that is also Pro-Gun, Pro-Life, Pro-Tump and Pro-Immigration Reform. In other words, everything Mitt Romney, George Soros and Jon Huntsman Oppose in Utah. She would be a firm representative of all things Conservative in Congress. They know it and that is why they smeared her through their Utah Mouthpieces....


Deseret News Supported Soros Smear Campaign

Deseret News George Soros

So Did KSL

KSL Persecutes Katie Witt

Which is Why You Should Say No to Their Socialist Propaganda

Cancel Your Deseret News Subscription NOW!
Time for action

Utah Doesn't Need Communist China Running Our State through their Republican Proxies. Say No to the Deseret News because they said Yes to George Soros.

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