Sun. Nov 28th, 2021
John Sullivan Insurgence

Yes, John Sullivan is a Thug. Just as We Reported. His Arrest will go a Long Way in Preventing Future Violence.

“The protest traveled on the roadways blocking motorists who have the right of way. John Sullivan blocked vehicles from freely moving lawfully. During the course of the protest, two handguns were brandished and two shots fired toward a motorist traveling to Home Depot. Vehicles were damaged by protestors as well as by John Sullivan,” the affidavit states.

“As a protest organizer John Sullivan is heard and seen as he is promoting protesters to block roadways, keeping motorists from traveling lawfully and freely.”

Sullivan was also captured on video threatening to beat a woman in an SUV, according to the affidavit, and then kicking her door, leaving a dent.

Sullivan was seen with Jesse Taggart — the man charged with shooting the motorist — throughout the protest, the affidavit states.

“As a protest organizer, John Sullivan is heard talking about seeing the shooting, looking at the gun and seeing smoke coming from it. John did not condemn the attempted murder nor attempt to stop it nor aide in its investigation by police.”


Yes, the Utah Voice Played a Major Role in His Arrest.

But What About the Mayor That Held Back the Police from Doing Their Jobs?

Provo Mayor Kaufusi

Mayor of Provo: Michelle Kaufusi

The Riot and Shooting Happened Because of Kaufusi

The Provo Police proved that they were capable of stopping a Riot before it got started. Unfortunately, it was the Mayor that ordered the Provo Police NOT to arrest or interfere with the violent riot that resulted in an innocent man getting shot and almost killed. The Mayor is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in Provo. The Buck stops with her.

Utah Law Demands Kaufusi Be Removed from Office or Resign

10-3-826. Official neglect and misconduct class A misdemeanor -- Removal from office.
In case any municipal officer shall at any time wilfully omit to perform any duty, or wilfully and corruptly be guilty of oppression, malconduct, misfeasance, or malfeasance in office, the person is guilty of a class A misdemeanor, shall be removed from office, and is not eligible for any municipal office thereafter.

Amended by Chapter 178, 1986 General Session

- Title 10- Utah Municipal Code

Is the Utah Voice the Only Voice for Holding Elected Officials Accountable in Utah?

No one should go to bed at night wondering when their Mayor will permit another Riot that threatens their family's safety and welfare. No business should expect Police to Stand Down while Rioters brought into their city are permitted to shoot people while innocently driving their cars.

Kaufusi will not step down of her own accord. No politician ever does. The County Sheriff needs to arrest her for Conspiracy, Inciting to Riot, Malconduct and Malfeasance as the law dictates. She violated her Oath of Office and broke the Law. As the City's Chief Law Enforcement Officer she is a National Embarrassment to the City of Provo. She permitted the Riot that resulted in the shooting with NO Police Intervention or Police Presence at the Scene to Protect Businesses and Innocent Citizens.

This Was Not a Mistake. This Was a Deliberate Criminal Action

Kaufusi knows the laws. If she doesn't she has no right to be Provo's Chief Law Enforcement Officer. She also knew the potential consequences of her decision to tell the Provo Police to permit the Rioters to grow increasingly more violent until an innocent man was shot for the crime of sitting in his car.

There are no Mulligans or do-overs for the City's Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

Mayor Kaufusi is a criminal and unfit for Office. Regardless of the current arrests designed to create the illusion that she is there protecting the Citizens of Provo. She needs to be Prosecuted and Removed from Office.

The Utah Voice Calls Upon the Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune, and Daily Herald to Join Us in Demanding Kaufusi's Resignation or Removal From Office.

Your Request to Arrest Mayor Kaufusi Will Be Sent Directly to the Sheriff's Office After You Sign the Petition!

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