Sun. Nov 28th, 2021
Travis Parry
*Rain International Owners Byron Belka, Casey Whittaker and Travis Parry, along with VP Russ Cowley are being sued for Racketeering and Retaliation Against a Federally Protected Whistleblower. The Company is also under investigation by the IRS for Tax Fraud.  
Travis Parry-CEO of Innovative Flexpak and Rain International Majority Owner

Travis Parry. Rain Majority Owner and Owner of Innovative Flexpak. Rain's Manufacturer


Byron Belka: Rain CEO and Minority Owner

Casey Whittaker

Casey Whittaker: VP and Rain Minority Owner

Russ Cowley

Russell Cowley: Rain VP

First Came the Product Assay That Showed Rain Soul Was Grossly Diluted

Rain Soul Assay

Certified Lab Assay Shows Nothing But Pixie Dust in Rain Soul

Then the Shipment of Expired Products to Africa

Rain Sells Expired Product to Africa

Now Senior Management and Insider Verifies Product and Label Fraud


Karina was a Member of Rain's Senior Management Team

Travis Parry

Travis Parry Was Aware of Fraud According to Karina

Why Would Travis Parry Jeopardize a $40+ Million Dollar Company?

The truth is, Travis Parry didn't realize who he was picking a fight with. According to anonymous sources, Parry is used to bullying, intimidating or just settling with previous detractors. Now that he has reportedly brought in outside investors into Innovative Flexpak there should be much more accountability. The ongoing IRS Investigation of his company, Rain International, will undoubtedly bring even more things to light. The Federal Racketeering Lawsuit as well. We will keep you posted as we continue to report on this Incredible  story rocking the Utah Supplement Industry.

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