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The Factory System of Education is Antiquated

The concept that you can educate all children the same way, as if they were all blocks of wood cut down from the same tree, is antiquated. Its also the reason our schools are failing. One size fits all doesn't work when you are looking for the same outcome, a College Degree. Just as their are different types of learning, IE Visual, Auditory and Tactile. There are different Positive Outcomes that don't involve College or a University.
High School Dropout Rate

Results Show That Vast Majority of Utah Will Not Finish College

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In Fact, Less Than 23% of Utahns Have a 4 Year College Degree.

If the Outcome is a 4 Year College Degree, Utah's Current Educational System has Failed 77% of Our Citizens. If you were running a business and only 23% of what you sold didn't meet expectations, your business would go broke. Yet, Utahns continue to pay for a broken system that doesn't work for 77% of the Population.

We Need a Whole New Primary Education System

  • Our Current System Tells the Child to Achieve a Specific Outcome (College). Each Child has Unique Talents and Abilities. Education should be based on Multiple Positive Outcomes. 
  • We need to Test Every Child for Aptitude and Interests when they start the Education Process. And Retest Every Year Thereafter. Then we can adjust the individual curriculum accordingly.
  • Most of the Instruction can take place Online thanks to Modern Technology.
  • Utah Needs to reject ALL Federal Funding for Education so we can fix things without their Meddling.
  • All Children Need to Learn a Core group of subjects and skills required for ALL Outcomes.

Every Student Needs These Core Skills to Succeed.

  • Reading at the 6th Grade Level
  • Keyboarding/Typing Skills at least 20 WPM
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions and Decimals
  • Weights and Measures
  • Basic Banking Skills
  • Basic Consumer Skills and Budgeting
  • The US, State Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Basic Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle, Fitness and Hygene
  • Successful Relationships

All Work is Honorable. Education should Focus on Helping Children Become Productive Members of Society in Their Chosen Vocation.

  • The Child's Education Should Focus on THEIR Desired Outcome. 
  • Society Needs to Rethink Current Labor Laws based on the Chosen Path of the Individual.
  • We should start with Core Skills in Primary School and Provide MULTIPLE Options after the Individual Masters these Basic Skills. 
  • Work Options, Apprenticeships, Technical Options, Skilled Trades, Agriculture etc should all be available to anyone that  masters the Core Skills. 
  • Placing Children in environments where they lack interest or aptitude leads to disruption, failure and low self-esteem.

Next....  Merging Education with Opportunities.....

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