Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Robert F Kennedy

"They Realized They Had Poisoned an Entire Generation"

I only got 3 vaccines as a kid. Today American children get 72. And it changed the year (1989) that they gave the vaccine companies immunity from liability. So you can't sue a vaccine company in our country no matter how negligent they are, no matter how sloppy their lying protocols, no matter how toxic the ingredients, no matter how grievous the injury to your child. You cannot sue them. And so when that happened, it was like a gold rush. And all these vaccine companies added all these vaccines on to the schedule and that happened in 89. And so these guys who got together in 2003 at Simpsonwood were saying when we added all these new ones how come we never did a mass loading analysis of all the aluminum and mercury that we were giving these kids. Because it's way beyond EPA levels and we never did the math .... In fact, one of them ... says, "This is high school algebra. Why the hell didn't we do it?" He was crying at the time. Because they realized they had poisoned an entire generation of kids, and it wasn't just autism. It was this whole menu of mental disorders, ADD, ADHD, speech delay, turrets, narcolepsy. And they were realizing that at that time.
- RFK Jr.

They Spent the Second Day Talking About Hiding It From the Public

And then they spent the second day talking about how to hide it from the public. They say, you know, if the lawyers find out about this they'll shut down the vaccine companies. And that will be the end. And we won't have a vaccine supply. So we got to protect the vaccine supply by lying to the American people about this. And there's one moment when there's .... One of the big vaccinationists, who's chief doctor at the University of Colorado, in Denver, at the medical school there, and he goes out of the meeting for a minute, his name is Johnson. He comes back in and says, "I just talked to my daughter. She just had a baby, it's the first male grandson of my lineage. And begging all of your pardon, but there's no way that I'm going to give him a vaccine. So that's what they're saying to each other. They go out of that meeting. They collect all of the studies. They say it's embargoed. Don't anybody talk about it. We're going to keep it a secret. And, you know, so I guess two years later I got that transcript. And I published excerpts from it in Rolling Stone.
- RFK Jr

"They Get a Shot...That Night They Spike a Fever of 104"

Well, we asked people who had that story. Who had what they called progressive autism, which is you have a perfectly healthy kid who gets to that 36-month vaccines, and they exceed all milestones: in other words they have language, they have words, they have social interactions, they can point, they can look people in the eye. And then they go in for a wellness visit, at age 2. They get a shot or a series of them, and they come out and that night they spike a fever of usually of 104. And they have a seizure, and over the next 3 months, the lights go out. Now there are 3 million kids in the country who have autism. And half of those kids ... had that story. So we just put up on our website if you have this story please record it on the website. And within 24 hours we had 10 thousand people call and recite that same story. And these kids are, you know, to me...
- RFK Jr

Autism Rate Increased from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 20 boys.

A lot of people think of autism as Rain Man. You know, the quirky uncle. But the kids with real autism you don't see them because it's hard for them to leave the house at all. And most of these kids are...[incapacitated and wearing helmets] It's half of the kids, of that 3 million. 40 percent have full-blown autism which is nonverbal, nontoilet trained. These are kids who will never go on a date. They will never write a poem. Never hit a baseball. They'll never serve in the military. They'll never pay taxes. And a lot them were completely normal healthy kids until they got that vaccine. The latest CDC data show that one out of every 20 boys in the United States now has autism. And it's my generation, I'm 66 years old, I was born in 1954... The incidence of autism for people my age is 1 in 10,000. And for my children who are born today, or born 5 years ago, the rate is 1 in every 20 boys in New Jersey, which is the state with the best counting system....
- RFK Jr.

Who are the Top Sellers of Vaccines in America?

  • Merck & Co., Inc. Kenilworth, NJ $8.4 billion [1]
  • Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Bridgewater, NJ $5.7 billion [2]
  • Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick, NJ $3.8 billion [3]
  • Pfizer New York, NY $1.61 billion [4]

Federal Lobbying Money 2019

  • Merck & Co  $6,955,000
  • Sanofi Pharma: $5,117,000
  • Johnson & Johnson: $5,830,000
  • Pfizer: $11,000,000

Big Pharma Money to Utah's Congressional Delegation 


US Senator Mike Lee: $195,260

Mitt Romney

US Senator Mitt Romney: $153,925

Ben McAdams

Rep. Ben McAdams: $60,151

Chris Stewart

Rep. Chris Stewart: $115,500

John Curtis

Rep. John Curtis: $98,881

Jim Matheson

Rep. Jim Matheson: $660,078

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