Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Mitt Romney

Debate Commission Co-Chairs


Wayne Niederhausser is a Utah Rommunist in Republican Clothing.

State Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, said Romney has been effective in keeping other Republicans from getting in the race, even though his announcement is coming relatively late. "I can't believe he hasn't announced by now. But because of the rumors, nobody else is really stepping up," Niederhauser said. "Obviously, he has a corner on that market."

Karen Hale is a Liberal Democrat Extremist like Mitt Romney

  • She was Statewide Education Chair for Earth Day Utah
  • the Utah Democratic Party gave Hale the Eleanor Roosevelt Award
  • Liberal Policy Organization Gave Hale $475,585.87
  • Gay/Lesbian Rights & Issues $59,000.00
  • Gay Rights Activist BASTIAN, BRUCE WAYNE $55,000.00

Rommunist Craig Wright was Co-Chair of the Debate Commission 

The Co-Chair of the Utah Debate Commission is Elected by the Board. Liberal Extremists from the Utah Media and ALL Members of the Mitt Rommunist Fan Club.

Craig Wright Lost to Greg Hughes at Republican Convention

After Losing to Greg Hughes in the Nomination Battle at the Utah Republican Party Convention, Craig Wright told the Caucus and Convention members to stick it. Spending an estimated $250,000 on Gathering Signatures, his campaign funds can mostly be tracked back to the Utah Rommunist Party organization. The same group working with Mitt Romney to bring Utah into the Chinese Communist Global Empire. 

This Debate is All About Destroying Frontrunner Greg Hughes

Thomas Wright with Gary Herbert and Mitt Romney

Rommunist Party Members Gary Herbert and Thomas Wright Rejoice at Their Master's Campaign Victory.

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