Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
Editor of the Deseret News

Mitt Romney Has his own Socialist Editor 

With a History of Writing from the Extreme Left Viewpoint

An Analysis of Wilks as Editor of the Deseret News

Wilks grew up with the New York Times Editorial Policy. It clearly shaped his world view of things that matter and things that don't.

Almost all Utahns could care less about LGBT Issues. We have enough drama in our lives and families. We are also a Conservative bunch that resent any Newspaper that advances Romney's gay agenda over Traditional Families.

Wilks is used to writing lost dog articles or interviewing winners of the local Talent Show. In other words, he is a fish out of water.

But that's the way Romney likes them. If an Editor has too much knowledge of Utah, he might not bow to the Mitt Romney agenda. Or the Socialist Oligarch takeover of Conservative Utah.

In his writing style, it is clear that Wilks is afraid to offend his Masters. He seems conflicted though, and unable to take a hard moral stand on immoral policies and politicians.

That conflict makes him unable to be effective. In other words, he doesn't belong on Romney's Team. Just not evil or deviant enough to sell the propaganda. 

We wish him well in his future endeavors but we are convinced that he has too much of a conscience to be Romney's Puppet at the Deseret News for much longer.

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