Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Salt Lake City Has 200,000+ Residents. Only est 15 People Died From Covid Flu. Average Age at Death was 73.5

The numbers show that Erin Mendenhall Ruined the Economy of Salt Lake City for an estimated 15 flu deaths. She locked down small Utah owned businesses but allowed Walmart and Costco to operate without interruption. The result is an estimated 20% real unemployment and at least 30% of the small businesses she closed will never reopen.

Salt Lake County, which includes Salt Lake City, has 1.16 million Residents and has had a total of 74 deaths. Average age at Death was 73.5.

Like Cox, Mendenhall is waging war on Utah's Middle Class.

After Mendenhall forced a Police Stand Down, Looters plundered Small Salt Lake Businesses and grabbed everything left after Mendenhall's forced lockdown. The Riots, like the lockdown, only affected small local businesses. Walmart and Costco were reportedly untouched.

Now She is Denying Salt Lake City Full Police Protection

Based on the demands of a few dozen radicals, Mendenhall has just stripped $5 million dollars from the Salt Lake City Police Department. Following the Romney/Soros Agenda, Mendenhall seeks to disband the Police Completely and wait for Congress to Fund  Federal Shock Troops loyal to Washington and not the Community. The same program followed in other Socialist Dictatorships including Germany, Russia, China and Venezuala.

The Utah Constitution Is Clear:

Article I, Section 2. [All political power inherent in the people.] All political power is inherent in the people; and all free governments are founded on their authority for their equal protection and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform their government as the public welfare may require.
- Utah Constitution

Salt Lake City Residents Have the Right to Alter or Reform Their Government as the Public Welfare May Require.

Legal and Lawful Ways to Terminate Salt Lake City's Relationships with Erin Mendenhall

  • Pro-Se Attorney (Representing Self) can ask a Federal Judge for an Injunction to stop Police Budget Cuts based on the Bill of Rights "Equal Protection Clause".  It is unlawful for a Mayor to have Public services denied to the General Public paid for with Tax-dollars. If the Public Loses Police Protection so should Mendenhall and Other Elected Officials.  
  • Local Referendum Calling for New City-Wide Elections. A Referendum is the Repeal of an existing law through the ballot box. Salt Lake Election Law can legally be altered by the People.
  • Local Initiative Adding a Recall Provision to the Current Salt Lake City Election Laws. Initiatives are Laws created at the Ballot Box

Defend Your Rights in Federal Court! Become a Pro-Se Attorney!

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