Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Boycotts Are a Tool Used by Many to Punish Unfriendly Businesses

Boycotts are often used by Groups with Specific Agendas to punish businesses that have policies that violate the Group's Agenda or Principles. The tool has been used effectively by the extreme left to bring about Corporate Change. Why hasn't it been used more by Conservatives and Libertarians more effectively?

Things Are About to Change

Social Media has provided a Powerful Voice for every person with a personal agenda. The Silent Majority of Americans that are watching their Freedoms evaporate are the largest and most powerful group of individuals in the U.S. Many of them have taken to posting their feelings about Unconstitutional Mandates on a Company's Google Review Page. Below are just a few examples from our Social Media pages.

  • Tom Chavez YES ....AND a warning to future customers who shop, there, if store employee or security tells wrong person to wear a mask or even ask or over can turn violent fast or often deadly
  • Erin Guest Pierce Yes. I personally would prefer to know if a business is being overly stringent about the whole mask thing. I am choosing to take my business where this isn't an issue.
  • Julie Imbelloni There's no difference. They're going to go under anyways. People not coming in because they aren't wearing a mask or sectioned off tables which drastically reduces the number of paying customers. No customer no money. I think they deserve to go under. If the pandemic was real, those stupid masks wouldn't even slow it down, all they do is make the afraid " believe " that they are safe. My own internal medicine doctor told me years ago, when life was normal and masks weren't an issue that they don't keep anything out at all.
  • Jeri Milici Mork Yes, It's your right to have an opinion but I would first find out if they are being forced to in order to stay open
  • Lenora Dunagan Hell yes. It should never be a mandate. Just an option.

Freedom of Speech is Your Right

You Have the Right to say what you want, wherever you want. This includes Google Reviews. You can't be sued for your opinion. You can, however, be sued for Slander (False Oral Statements that are defamatory) and Libel (False written statements that are Defamatory)

As long as you tell the truth in your Google Review it is considered Fair Speech. No liability on your part.

Why You Should Post Your Reviews

Feedback is critical to any business's survival. If you don't want to go there because they force you to wear a mask, Let them know via your Google Review. It might make them rethink and/or abandon the policy. Losing customers over an unconstitutional mandate might even wake a few big corporations up as well. 

Its about time for the Silent Majority to flex their economic muscle. Those that ignore us, don't deserve our business.

As a Special Service to Our Liberty Minded Readers, we will be posting the names of businesses that don't require a mask in our Upcoming Directory. "We must hang together....or surely, we will hang separately."

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