Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Unlike the Discredited Deseret News, KSL, or Huntsman's Tribune...

The Utah Voice did not poll Democrats that might switch Parties in the Republican Primary. We surveyed actual Republicans from a series of Social Media Groups. Here are the Results.

Group 1: Anti-Mitt Romney Republicans: 13,000 Members

Who Are You Voting For in the Utah Governor Race?


Mitt Romney has burned his bridges with the Republican Party in Utah. His destruction of the Caucus System, just so he could get elected in an open Primary, destroyed his credibility.  His wars with Donald Trump and his attempts to get Hillary a win with his third Party candidate (Evin McMullin), sealed the division.  Those Republicans in this group clearly view Wright, Cox and Huntsman as Romney Puppets. They Support Greg Hughes by an incredible margin.

Utahns For Donald Trump: 2,100 Members

Who Are Voting For as Utah Governor?


Trump needs a Conservative as Utah Governor to Offset the influence of Socialists under Mitt Romney. Again, they clearly see Greg Hughes as their man by an unprecedented Majority.

Conservative Facebook Influencer: 5,000 Followers

Who Are You Voting For in the Utah Governor Race?


Hughes has solidified his Support Base among Utah Republican Conservatives, which were disenfranchised by Wright and Count My Vote. They are firmly behind Greg Hughes.

What These Polls Tell Us

In a Head to Head True Republican Primary, Greg Hughes dominates. Spencer Cox is perceived as a Romney Loyalist that trashed Utah with his Covid Shutdown and inaction during the Utah Riots. With 15% Unemployment, Cox is doomed. Huntsman is the least popular, because of his Alliances with Hillary followed by Wright.  

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