Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Spencer Cox National Education Association

Why Would a So-Called Republican Promote This Agenda?

  • No Child Left Behind's Race to the Bottom Educational Disaster
  • Common Core Confusion and Illiteracy Agenda
  • Abortion
  • Radical Dysfunctional Sex Education in Our Public Schools
  • Immigration Agenda That Welcomes Criminals and Gangsters to Utah
  • Obamacare/Romneycare State Insolvency Program
  • Global Socialist Submission Indoctrination 
July 25, 2019: The National Education Association has finally admitted what has been evident for years—they are unapologetically pro-abortion. At their annual meeting held in Houston this month, the largest teachers’ union in the nation passed New Business Item 56, which states in part: “The NEA vigorously opposes all attacks on the right to choose and stands on the fundamental right to abortion under Roe v. Wade.”
- Christian Educators

Utah Schools Should Reflect Utah Values

Ever Since Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney have been involved in Utah Politics, the State has adopted more and more of their Extreme Socialist Agenda. Our children should be learning how to Read, Do Math and the ability to function in a Free Society. Not some perverse sexual indoctrination that only enslaves them to their passions. Utah Schools should be teaching our children the Values that built this State, not the Communist Agenda that enriches People like Romney and Huntsman while impoverishing everyone else. Encouraging ignorance and useless information is how they govern over other States. We can't afford to let that happen here.

The NEA is a Extreme Socialist Democrat Political Action Committee

Hillary Clinton and Jon Huntsman
  • They ONLY Endorse Socialists
  • Clinton, Hillary $137,774 (2016)
  • Democratic Sen. Campaign $73,581 (2016)
  • Sanders, Bernie $17,236 (2016)
  • Obama, Barack $69,077 (2014)
  • Warren, Elizabeth $15,050
  • Brown, Sherrod $11,900
  • Franken, Al $15,010
  • Booker, Cory $14,000
  • How Did Spencer Cox Get MORE Money than Barrack Obama and Everyone but Hillary Clinton?

We Endorsed Greg Hughes for a Reason...

  • Get Rid of Common Core in Utah Schools
  • Give Control of Schools to Utah Parents
  • Stop Extreme Sexual Indoctrination Agenda  
  • Get the Feds Out of Utah Classroom
  • Restore Utah Values in Our Schools