Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
Spencer Cox

Candidate Spencer Cox is Running For Utah Governor

The Governor of Utah is charged with Enforcing the Laws of the State. He is the State's Chief Law Enforcement Officer. As such, its critical that Utah Elect someone that not only knows Utah Laws, but also obeys Utah Laws. All of them. Otherwise Utah ends up with a Monarchy and Elected Officials that consider themselves above the Law.

Lt. Governor Cox is Charged with Counting the Votes in the Governor's Race.

Conflict Law

Under Utah Law it is a Criminal Offense for an Elected Official  to Use his position to further his own Interests. Or, Accept other employment that would impair his independence of judgement. 

In other words. You can't count the Votes in Your Own Election

There are Penalties for Breaking the Law

  • Mandatory Removal From Office

  • Is a Felony
  • Not Worthy to Hold Elected Office

Spencer Cox is a Lawyer

As a Lawyer, Spencer Cox knows the Laws. As the Lt. Governor, it his job to enforce the law. By Ignoring the Laws of Utah he has proven he is unfit for Office. The fact that the UtahVoice caught him breaking the law only adds to case for Removal from Office by the State Legislature.

But, our experience with most Lawyers is that the law applies to everyone but them. This is clearly the case with Spencer Cox. Lawyers like Cox spend years helping Clients avoid the consequences of their actions.

Anyone Can File a Complaint with the Ethics Office

Utah Ethics Commission

Contact Executive Director – Justin J. Atwater 


Telephone: 801-538-3296

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