Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
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Cox Letter

Spencer Cox Violated the Utah Constitution

Article 1 Utah Constitution
All political power is inherent in the people; and all free governments are founded on their authority for their equal protection and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform their government as the public welfare may require.
- Utah Constitution
The Inability to Remove an Elected Representative is the Very Definition of Tyranny
The Legal Position that the Citizens of Utah cannot recall (or remove) an Elected Official, regardless of position, violates both the Utah Constitution as well as the United States Federal Constitution. The Federal Constitution does not Prohibit the Recall of a US Senator specifically. It allows the Senate to punish its own, but it also states that any Power not specifically granted  in the U.S. Constitution to the Federal Government belongs to the States and the People Respectively.

Violating the Utah Constitution is the Very Definition of Treason

Cox's decision not only disenfranchises Utah Voters, it also empowers Lobbyists to take possession of an elected official  after an election is over. With no way for the Voters to hold them accountable.In other words, the elected official can go rogue and represent interests contrary to the interests of those that elected him or her. It empowers corruption and destroys faith in the entire electoral process.

Spencer Cox Places Mitt Romney's Interests Over Those of Utah.

If Mitt Romney is worthy of office he can easily defeat a Recall Election. The Voice of the People will prevail. Denying the Constitutional Right to Alter or Remove Corrupted Officials is Grounds itself for Removal From Office. Perhaps the Best Way to Start is with an Initiative to Recall Spencer Cox. 
9 thoughts on “Spencer Cox Unlawfully Shuts Down Effort to Recall Senator Mitt Romney”
  1. Get Romney and Cox out of office, they have betrayed their State and the parties that elected them into office. We Must stand strong and fight for our country and our state.

  2. Romney is only out for revenge against Trump. Romney is a spineless person that is aligning with corrupt democraps. Why did he not stand up for “truth and accountability” during the sham impeachment? Or during BLM and Antifa riots? Or during the corrupt election and fraud by democraps? Or push for the truth about Hunter Biden? (I could go on for hours)

  3. I would also help/donate to the recall of Cox and Romney, as well as many other people we know. Please someone help put this in motion. The people of Utah do not want to stand for these false “republicans”.

  4. Seriously?! Boot both Romney and Cox out! They do not represent Utahs majority interests! They claim to be Republicans but support the Democrat party! You did not represent yourself as Democrats when you were voted in… We want you out!

    1. Seems like the only way we have to fight this corruption is to sue them in court. We need good lawyers to stand up and help us fight for our freedoms in this nation. I’ll donate and don’t even live in Utah anymore.

    2. The only way we have to fight corruption is to sue them. We need good lawyers everywhere to stand up and help us fight for our country!

  5. Mitt Romney is not good for Utah. I want him thrown out of office. I support my President Trump. Mitt is a traitor to his party.

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